What Is a Rebound Relationship: An Honest Insight from Our Expert

What Is a Rebound Relationship

When you fall in love with someone, you always feel that this is forever. You build your connection, make plans for the future, and think that you will stay with this person forever. Generally, everything goes nice until it breaks. There can be plenty of different reasons why your relationship is no longer healthy and why you need to breakup. Today, we are not going to talk about all those reasons, because today, we are going to discuss rebound relationships and the main risks of having one.

No matter how long have you been dating your ex-partner, if everything was serious between you, then your breakup definitely felt like a real nightmare or even potential end of your lives. No doubts that it is a huge life change, and everyone handles it in his or her own unique way. For example, some people start a new so-called rebound relationship, because they want to forget about their partners as soon as possible, and fear loneliness. Unfortunately, rebound relationships psychology itself is not about building a serious relationship, but about a convenient way to deal with a breakup. Surely, a new partner who doesn't know anything about their new partner's breakup becomes a victim of a rebound relationship.

What is a rebound relationship and why is it relevant for today?

So, what is a rebound relationship? Scientifically speaking, a rebound is a period after a breakup of a serious long-term romantic relationship. In turn, here is our rebound relationship definition: it is when a person who recently went through a breakup begins starts a new relationship to feel the hollowness in his or her heart. Unfortunately, due to statistics, rebound relationships usually don't last very long. The reason for this is that partners simply don't find what they were looking for in this relationship. A partner who recently went through a breakup fills his or her hollowness, and the partner who didn't know about this problem suffers from unjustified expectations.

The reason why people start rebound relationships is that they want to take up space in their hearts and souls. This space was left by their ex-relationships. They believe that this will help them to get over the pain of recent breakups. So, they use rebound relationships as a temporary measure to be with someone while they are recovering and getting ready to have new relationships. In turn, their partners sometimes don't understand why their "healthy relationship" broke up so fast and without any serious reasons.

Nowadays, it is very important to have at least some clue about rebound relationship signs, because it is very easy to meet a person who will try to use you as a rebound partner. The main reason for this stems from the fact that online dating has made meeting potential partners much more convenient and easier than ever before. Today, people tend to end and start new relationships much more often than they did before. Furthermore, it is very easy to hide your real feelings behind text or even voice messages. This means that you may never know who your new partner truly is until you meet him or her in person.

How long does a rebound relationship last?

Recently, we have mentioned that according to statistics, in the majority of cases, rebound relationships never last long. But how long does a rebound relationship last exactly? You see, the answer strongly depends on many different factors. For example, it depends on how long your new partner is going to recover from his or her previous breakup. The longer the recovery process will be, the more chances are that your relationship will last longer. Another factor is how deep your emotional connection with him or her will be. The deeper the connection, the higher chances that you may not break up at all.

Yes, some experts believe that rebound relationships are not necessarily will end with a painful breakup due to false expectations. You see, when two partners are open to each other, and honestly try to build a new relationship, they may turn a rebound relationship into a normal one. The main factor of success here is your and your partner's openness and desire to be together. Also, the longer your rebound relationship lasts, the more chances you have to turn it into a normal one.

So, do rebound relationships move fast? Yes, unfortunately, in the majority of cases, rebound relationships move very fast. Often, partners simply don't have enough time to build real emotional connections and ties. This explains why they can't turn a rebound relationship into a normal one. Thus, does it mean that you must automatically cut the connection with a person if you see that he or she still deals with the consequences of a previous breakup? If you truly like this person and feel that he or she also likes you back, then you should feel free to try to build a healthy relationship with them. just don't expect too much from it.

Signs you're in a rebound relationship

Sadly, for the most part, rebound relationships mean regrets ad sadness. For this very reason, it is always better to avoid people who still haven't cope with their breakups. So, you may ask: "how do I know if I'm a rebound?" You may never know for sure until you directly ask your new partner. However, to give you a reason to ask a direct question to him or her, we are going to share with you several signs you're in a rebound relationship. Don't waste time and start a serious conversation with your new partner if you notice more than two of those signs in your relationship. So, what are the signs of a rebound relationship?

1. They didn’t make any conclusions

If your new partner can give you a clear answer to why their previous relationship ended, and what conclusions he or she made from it, it may mean that you are building a rebound relationship with this person. This means that he or she didn't fully process their previous relationship. In turn, this clearly shows that they may still have feelings for their ex.

2. He or she wants to keep it casual

According to Sadie Allison, a relationship expert, and a sexologist, if your partner is not interested in a real commitment with you, or even openly tells you that he or she is not ready for anything serious, there is a huge possibility that they are still dealing with a terrible breakup.

3. Your relationship develops too fast

If the situation is quite the opposite and your relationship seems to develop too fast, this may also mean that your partner has problems overcoming a previous relationship. For example, after three weeks of your relationship, you will feel like you are in a serious and committed relationship. Surely, this is a very warning sign.

4. It is clear that he or she is not over their previous relationship

No matter what your new partner tells you, you should immediately cut your connection if you see that he or she lies you. For example, they may claim that they have no feelings for their ex-partner, but you will see that reality is quite the opposite. When this happens, it is better to trust yourself.

5. They often mention their ex-partners

Even though some people manage to remain friends with their ex-partners, this doesn't mean that it is okay when they mention them on their dates with new partners. It is normal even if they meet sometimes, but you need to run if you are forced to listen about his or her ex on your every single date.

6. He or she compares you to his or her ex

We hope you know that, in healthy relationships, partners never compare each other with their ex-partners. It is very hard to overestimate the harm of such behavior for your relationship. Additionally, this is a clear sign that this person still lives in his or her past, which is very bad for a new relationship.

How not to rebound someone in a relationship after break up

So, it is clear that it is better to avoid dating those people who still haven't cope with their past unless you really like them. But what if you are the one who recently had a very hard breakup, and feels that you still suffer from it. We understand that you don't want to rebound other people, and this is a very noble cause. Here are some tips that will help you to avoid rebounding other people.

1. Make sure that your desire to date this person comes from your heart

The simplest way to avoid a rebound relationship is to avoid dating people whom you don't really want to date. If you are planning on lowering your standards and are going to date everyone who helps you forget about your ex, then, pretty soon, you will have more ex-partners not to think about.

2. View him or her as a person

Never date other people if you see them as a replacement unless you want to, again and again, repeat the same situation. Your new partner must bring new things in your life. For example, you may create new rituals, and so on.

3. Forget about expectations

Everyone is different, and it is foolish to expect that your new partner will give you the same emotions as your old partner did. Thus, if you want to have a healthy relationship, it is better to forget about all your expectations for your new partner.

4. Be open

Your new partner deserves to know your real feelings. Consequently, if you feel that you may be building a rebound relationship with him or her, then you definitely need to share your concerns with your new partner. This will help you to build stronger emotional ties.

5. Try not to think about your ex

Your ex-partner is your ex, and even your feelings for him or her won't change this. At the same time, the faster you forget about them, the sooner you will be able to start a new relationship. In the worst case, you may even block him or her on social media.