Look Younger with Facial Acupuncture

Looking beautiful from the inside-out is something many of us want to achieve. Our skin can become marred by aging, environmental stressors, and hormonal issues, so it’s important to take care it. You may feel like you’ve tried everything out there to achieve that radiant glow, but have you ever considered acupuncture? Facial acupuncture can go a long way toward improving the texture, tone and appearance of your skin.

Facial acupuncture is a generally painless procedure that uses mini needles to penetrate the skin, erasing lines and wrinkles, reducing eye bags, clearing up pimples and acne, and evening out the facial colouring. The needles are carefully placed in specific acupuncture points around the eyes, face and neck to stimulate the nerves and the patient’s own natural healing mechanisms.

Before treatment, your acupuncturist will perform a health evaluation, taking note of your age, lifestyle, diet and overall health profile. If you are deemed a suitable candidate for facial acupuncture, you will receive an average of 12 to 15 treatments. More treatments may be required if your skin is sagging, or if you have jowls or droopy eyes.

Facial acupuncture treatments are typically done twice a week and last between 45 minutes to one hour. If you find it difficult to make two sessions per week, one weekly 90-minute treatment will suffice. Once the program is completed, it is advisable to return for occasional follow-up treatments, generally every two weeks for two months, and then once a month going forward.

Along with the needles, many clinics may also employ herbs in the form of masks, poultices and moisturizers. Before you use them, check with your doctor to make sure that these products will not interfere with any other medications you are taking.

After the first facial acupuncture treatment, patients often report noticing immediate results, such as a heightened glow due to increased Qi, or blood flow, to the face. The face will appear more open and toned, with lines and wrinkles diminished.

By the fifth or seventh treatment, these results will become even more evident. You will start looking relaxed and radiant, as though you’ve just returned from a vacation.

By the end of a treatment program, many patients report looking and feeling 5 to 15 years younger. Of course, this will also depend on how well the patient is taking care of themselves outside of the clinic in terms of proper nutrition, hydration, adequate exercise, and stress management. As an added bonus, acupuncture has been known to help decrease stress in the body, which will also help you look and feel younger.

Anyone can try facial acupuncture because it is generally painless and risk-free, and suitable for any age. However, if you are pregnant or suffering from a colds, flus, or allergic reactions, it is best to wait.

In short, facial acupuncture can help eliminate fine lines, reduce wrinkles, improve facial colour, add lustre to the skin, relax tension in the furrows of the face, brighten the eyes, reduce dark circles and puffiness, improve muscle tone and sagging, enhance the skin’s natural radiance, and promote overall health and well-being in the body. Find a qualified acupuncturist in your area and see if this ancient practice can help you look and feel your best.



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