Russian Federation plans first manned launch to ISS after accident on December 3

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Russian rockets are manufactured in Russia and then transported by rail to the Russia-leased Baikonur cosmodrome.

Roscosmos has said that a faulty sensor caused the failure and that it believes Soyuz rockets will resume launching in December, when a three-person crew at the International Space Station must return to Earth.

The Russian-American crew of two had to withstand a ballistic descent back to Kazakhstan on October 11, but both emerged from their landing craft safe and sound.

The rocket failed two minutes into the flight, sending NASA astronaut Nick Hague and Alexei Ovchinin of Roscosmos plummeting 50 kilometres to earth.

Russian Federation on Wednesday said the first manned launch to the International Space Station since a failed blast-off this month will take place on December 3.

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The head of the Russian space agency earlier blamed the failure on a malfunction of a sensor, but didn't explain why it didn't work. "One of the "sides" in the separation vdsa to the desired distance and hit Baku fuel second stage, which led to the rupture of the tank and the destruction of the first degree", he said.

Nearly three weeks ago, a Soyuz rocket carrying a NASA astronaut and a Russian cosmonaut failed in mid-flight, 31 miles above Earth's surface.

Igor Skorobogatov, who headed the inquiry, said on Thursday that the issue was linked to the "deformation" of a sensor part.

The next human space flight via the Russian Soyuz spacecraft is expected to launch on December 3, the Russian Space Agency, Roscosmos, announced on Thursday.

The accident was the first involving a manned launch since the Soviet era and delivered another blow to the image of Russia's space programme after embarrassing losses of satellites and of an unmanned cargo ship in 2015.

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Hague and Ovchinin were due to spend six months on the ISS.

The Soyuz "remains the most reliable rocket", Dmitry Baranov, acting director of Energia, the manufacturer of the rocket, said today.

Officials said they would suspend manned launches in light of the latest accident.

The current crew working aboard the ISS since June 6 consists of Sergei Prokopyev of Russia, Serena Maria Aunon-Chancellor of the United States, and Alexander Gerst of Germany.

Krikalev said the next launch will now be moved forward to December 3, and will carry the same crew as originally intended on this mission, MS-11: Russian Oleg Kononenko, American Anne McClain, and Canadian David Saint-Jacques.

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