Diablo: Immortal Reveal Met with Negative Response by Fans, Blizzard Responds

Okay maybe not THAT retro. That's a shot of the pre-alpha version

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The trailers also confirm that Diablo Immortal is a joint development project between Blizzard and NetEase.

Tyreal the Archangel is dead, and a shattered Worldstone is scattered all over, tainting and bringing forth ancient evils who want to harness the Worldstone's power to control mankind. Despite all of these warning signs, fans are still disappointed to learn that the first new entry is a pocket-sized spin-off called Diablo Immortal for mobile platforms.

However, there have been some mixed opinions from fans over Diablo's new iteration, with some fans worrying that the mobile format will mean microtransactions.

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We'll have more on Diablo Immortal as we go hands-on with the game at BlizzCon and speak to Blizzard about this new direction. Now, with Diablo III having expanded to consoles-including, as of today, Nintendo Switch-Blizzard has its eyes set on what might be its most hard adaptation of the action RPG yet: mobile. "I just was wondering, is this an out of season April Fools' joke?". In "Diablo Immortal" the story picks up after the events of the "Diablo II" expansion, "Lord of Destruction", wherein the World Stone has been shattered into fragments by the hand of the angel Tyrael. In fact, it nearly looks identical to Diablo 3 in terms of graphics and gameplay. There will also be new zones, new stories, and new dungeons to play through. You can even join them to take on risky dungeons.

Diablo Immortal does not have a release date. More classes post-launch are planned, with developers hinting at Diablo 2's Assassin and Diablo 3's Witch Doctor.

If you're interested in pre-registering for Diablo: Immortal you can do so here.

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And Blizzard stresses that this is a traditional "fully-fledged" Diablo experience, complete with six traditional classes, challenging boss fights and deep gameplay.

When rumors started surfacing that Blizzard had a big Diablo announcement prepped for its annual convention, fans naturally prepared themselves for the next game in the franchise: Diablo 4.

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