Verizon retains exclusive on Google's Pixel 3

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Google poised to unveil new Pixel phones, other services

Over in France, where Google will also hold a local Pixel launch event on Tuesday, a local retailer did the same thing, revealing in the process the purported release date for the two phones. That's impossible to gauge at this stage, though.

This marks the third consecutive year for the exclusive partnership, although the Pixel 3 can also be purchased unlocked in the Google store for $799 for the 65 GB version, with the Pixel 3 XL costing $899, according to The Verge. Google hasn't yet discussed prices for its Pixel phones. The biggest change is that the phone has a larger, 6.3in display, matching the OnePlus 6 for size. And there's also Flip to Shhh, which will mute notifications if you set the phone screen down. However, both the phones sport an always on display. It means the phone can have more screen real estate, without having to allow for a thicker bezel at the top of a phone. Google launched its line of high-end phones two years ago to better compete against Apple, Samsung and other device makers. In another apparent nod to privacy concerns, Google didn't put a camera on its Home Hub like Amazon and Facebook did with their respective devices to enable video calls. But now Google has taken the wraps off of everything, and we're getting a good look at the Chrome OS powered tablet that wants to be your mainstay computer.

Both devices appear to have leaked significantly and have been claimed to come with a Snapdragon 845 processor, 4GB of RAM and an improved camera system. We can't wait to see how it measures up against other cameras and as a standalone phone camera. Gboard, the keyboard built into your Pixel 3, will recommend GIFs, stickers and more, to make your conversations fun and engaging. The Pixel 3 XL is a flagship phone, though, with flagship pricing.

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We won't know about battery life until we've tested the phone properly with our video-rundown test and used the phone in anger, but the battery is worryingly small at 2,915mAh. Other phone makers sometimes crowd out Google's apps with their own or take a share of ad revenue, hurting Alphabet's profits.

Another concern is that Google made no reference at all to improvements to its HDR+ algorithm.

At a Tuesday event in NY, the Alphabet-owned search giant said the new Pixel 3 will boast a feature called "Top Shot" that will avoid blinks and poor timing by selecting the best moment to take a picture when the subjects are in frame.

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A new feature, called "Top Shot" shoots a bunch of pictures in burst mode and then uses an algorithm to select the best one. If not, you can pick up the call or send a message like "I'll call you later". The depth of field in portrait mode is now editable.

The Google Home Hub is the other device to have figured in the NY event.

When it comes to software, once again, there's nothing surprising here. In terms of features, it fails to match the Chromecast Ultra, which remains the feature-packed media streaming device im Google's product lineup. After lab-testing the Pixel 3 XL, they've concluded that the OLED Pixel 3 XL display has earned the "highest A+ rating" as well.

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