Toddler abandoned on stranger's doorstep

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

A woman could be facing charges after abandoning a friend's child on a stranger's doorstep at a Texas home Wednesday.

A woman inside the home told police when she opened the door, she found the child by himself.

For Immediate Release October 18, 2018MCTXSheriff Investigates Abandoned Child On October 17, 2018, at about 8:20 pm, Deputies with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office were dispatched a residence in the 30700 block of Legends Ridge Drive, Spring, Texas in reference to a located person.

When the woman got to the door, the video shows her drop the boy down and ring the doorbell several times.

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The woman rings the door bell, knocks on the door and then runs back to the vehicle, leaving behind the toddler and two bags she was carrying. It is not clear if she visited the father's home first and found it empty, or if she was mistaken as to his address. She then called 911.

Deputies said the boy appears to be uninjured and in good health. Child Protective Services responded to the scene and took custody of the child, but he was later reunited with his father.

The video shows the unnamed friend rush up to the doorstep carrying the child by his arm.

Lt. Scott Spencer, of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, said that the child's father received a text message from the child's mother saying the boy would be dropped off at his house on Wednesday afternoon. Instead, she asked a friend to drop her boy off.

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On arrival, police were shown surveillance camera footage from the residence and say the woman arrived in a white passenger vehicle.

Simmons looks on as the woman leaves him behind. Suspect also has multiple tattoos on her right arm that can be seen in the video. She could face a charge of child abandonment, Spencer said. The sheriff's office said in doing so, it placed the child in grave danger.

The boy remains in the custody of the state as the investigation continues.

According to Spencer, the boy is in good health and was in "good spirits" and is now with a foster family.

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