Oriniod meteor shower

Oriniod meteor shower

You may have spotted a meteor or two streaking across the sky this month, but the big show is coming this weekend.

The Orionids will peak on Sunday night and into early Monday morning, but stargazers should also be able to see some meteors on both Friday night and Saturday night leading up to the shower's peak, weather permitting.

One factor that will take away a view of some of the meteors is our bright moon.

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Halley's Comet passes Earth every 75 to 76 years and as it makes its way around the sun, it leaves a trail of gas and dust behind it, which can be seen when the debris crosses Earth.

The skies need to be clear too, with very little or no cloud cover.

After October 21, you still might see meteors until November 7.

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The Orionids are named after the direction from which they appear to radiate, which is near the constellation Orion.

The moon will lead to subpar views for this night sky display. This meteor shower will be visible from everywhere on planet Earth, and you can best spot meteors between midnight and dawn if you find Orion the Hunter in the sky and look slightly to the north of Orion's sword.

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