Scientists told about the mysterious phenomenon in Antarctica

Winds blowing across snow dunes on Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf cause the massive ice slab's surface to vibrate producing a near-constant drumroll of seismic'tones scientists could potentially use to monitor changes in the ice shelf from afar according

Antarctic ice sounds really creepy when it vibrates

Winds blowing across snow dunes on Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf cause the massive slab of ice to "sing".

At about 800km across, the ice shelf is about the size of France and has produced several icebergs, including B15 - the world's largest iceberg.

For context, it can sometimes be necessary to dramatically speed up or slow down sounds in order for humans to perceive or bear them - like this slowed-down version of Justin Bieber.

Studying the vibrations of an ice shelf's insulating snow jacket could give scientists a sense of how it is responding to changing climate conditions, MacAyeal said.

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Chaput told Global News that now, ice shelf monitoring is limited to satellite sweeps, which are few and far between.

Everyone's getting in on the eerie Halloween mood these days, even the ice in Antarctica.

The Ross Ice Shelf at the Bay of Whales - the point where Amundsen staged his successful assault on the South Pole.

The American Geo-Physical Union released the recording of the Ross Ice Shelf after scientists buried 34 ultra sensitive seismic sensors to study the crust and mantle underneath.

"The response of the ice shelf tells us that we can track extremely sensitive details about it", Chaput said.

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According to the researchers, variations in wind strength (due to things like storms) and changes in air temperatures can both impact the snow layer, and in so doing affect the pitch of the seismic hum detected.

When ice shelves collapse, ice can flow faster from land into the sea, which can raise sea levels.

"Either you change the velocity of the snow by heating or cooling it, or you change where you blow on the flute, by adding or destroying dunes", he said.

But if we deployed seismic sensors on more ice shelfs, you could observe subtle environmental changes, in minutes.

He believes the disturbances occurring on the surface are being trapped in the form of seismic waves which travel through the ice shelf.

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Read the full study, published this week in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

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