Piers Morgan mocks Daniel Craig's baby carrier, gets manhood lesson

Piers Morgan came for 'emasculated' dads and the internet came for him

Piers Morgan came for 'emasculated' dads and the internet came for

One tweet urged Morgan to return, for the good of society, back to "1888 where your thoughts on masculinity were formed". The father of four made his opinion known this week and simultaneously got Twitter fired up by posting a photo of Daniel Craig carrying his newborn daughter in a "papoose".

Some users responded by calling Morgan names like "insecure manbaby" and "sexist jackwagon".

Others attempted a more rational approach by explaining the benefits of baby carriers, which allow parents to keep children close, yet have their hands unoccupied while strolling on the street.

But Morgan's point of view appeared to be out of step with a broad swath of men, another sign that old-fashioned ideas about performative gender roles are on their way out. "About time more in the media celebrated this, I mean aren't you right-wing oddballs always bleating on about lack of family values?"

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Craig's wife, the actress Rachel Weisz, reportedly gave birth to a daughter in August.

Morgan has been a vocal critic of fathers using baby carriers, and has called out a number of celebrity dads, including Orlando Bloom, for using them.

It's not newsworthy to see that many men are engaged partners in parenting.

James Bond memes added to the humor.

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"I'm a mechanic and only hours away from becoming a father and I've been looking forward to using the papoose the whole time", tweeted one.

Morgan responded to numerous comments, defending his point of view, saying "James Bond would never use a papoose to carry his babies".

Naturally, he nominated himself.

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