Palm develops a mobile phone for your not-so-mobile-anymore phone

Palm is back (sort of), and it built a tiny smartphone sidekick

Palm Phone hands-on: an Android phone for your phone

Since your phone number is linked to both your primary device and the Palm phone, your text messages will automatically sync between both granted you use the Verizon Messages app on both phones.

The device will cost $349 (£263) and will be available in the U.S., on the Verizon network only, from November.

After launching a failed smartphone called the Pre in 2008, San Francisco's Palm are back and seek to reverse the brand's fortunes with a new, eponymous smartphone. There is also 12MP rear camera along with an 8MP camera on the front. It's packing 3GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 435 processor, and 32GB of storage.

The idea here is that the diminutive Palm offers a way to stay connected when you don't want to lug around your primary smartphone, which, if you haven't noticed, has utterly Hulked out over the last few years. There's one USB-C port for charging or headphones, plus Bluetooth 4.2 low energy.

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There's also a special "Life Mode" that turns off all notifications and even disables the Palm's radios in an effort to help eliminate distractions and focus on what matters. It is an IP68 rated water-resistant and dustproof device.

The concept of a small touchscreen device that's doesn't beckon users to constantly look at the screen could be well timed, given Apple and Google have launched mobile features to address users' concerns about being addicted to smartphones. Speaking to Variety, creator Dennis Miloseski said, "It's about technology receding". "The product should be a supporting character in our lives". There's some logic there: It's tough to design an interface that works well on a 4-inch screen and the gargantuan 6.5-inch display on the iPhone XS Max, the company's biggest-screened offering to date (to be fair, it's the same physical size as the older iPhone Plus models, but with a bigger screen thanks to the new design.) But the move still snubs people who prefer smaller gadgets.

So here's something we didn't expect to be saying any time soon - Palm is back, baby!

It's a 3.3-inch Android sidekick.

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For starters, it's exclusive to Verizon and even if you are a Verizon customer, you'll need to hand over an additional $10 per month to be able to use your existing number on two devices.

So Palm's entire raison d'etre stems from the mainline smartphone makers' abandonment of the comparatively small-handed, or just people who prefer smaller devices.

Notably, while Palm bills this device as a companion device, it seems to be a fully-featured smartphone unto itself. First off, it doesn't appear that you can buy this phone outright.

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