Health officials suggest people should start thinking about getting their flu shots

Flu Can Be A Killer But Some Refuse To Take A Shot

Flu season on the horizon

"And just kind of let people know that even though you get the flu shot you won't get the flu, there are some misconceptions about how you contract the flu. and what our goal is, is to prevent the spread of the flu and make sure as many people are vaccinated as possible".

He also said that this year, people with neurological disorders should strongly consider getting their flu shot. "Children who need two doses of vaccine to be protected should start the vaccination process sooner, because the two doses must be given at least four weeks apart". Thus, a well-advertised vaccination program would heavily benefit all communities on Grounds, especially due to the heightened risk for flu that many college students suffer.

Even including the mandatory 15-minute after-vaccination waiting period, getting your flu shot on campus will take less than 25 minutes.

According to numbers released by the province, 46 people with lab-confirmed cases of the flu died in Manitoba last winter. Parents who have a child who is of the eligible age, are being asked ensure they sign the consent form allowing them to have the flu vaccine at school.

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According to CDC officials, while the last flu season was one of the deadliest in the history, vaccinations helped to cut risks for over 40 percent.

She stressed that although children get sick more often, but first and foremost the Singapore strain unsafe for seniors. "But, you might develop flu-like symptoms - despite getting a flu vaccine - for a variety of [other] reasons".

Vaccinated against influenza prior to the season, diseases, and October this is the best time.

The flu is more risky for some people.

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The CDC, along with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), and the Health care Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC) recommend that all health care workers in the United States receive the annual flu vaccine to help protect themselves, their families, and their patients. For those who don't like needle injections into the muscle, the CDC is again recommending the nasal spray flu vaccine for people aged 2 years to 49 years. This is why everyone should get their flu shots early. Smaller cities tend to have a shorter, but more intense flu season. Its vaccine, created with genetic sequencing and grown with tobacco, can be retrofitted to immunize against nearly any virus so long as its DNA can be obtained.

There had been expectations of a potentially severe season, given the high levels of flu-related hospitalisation and death seen during the Northern Hemisphere winter. Some local pharmacies now offer flu vaccination to adults (though not children) who may be at risk of flu.

Clark said more effective vaccines could increase vaccination rates. These habits include getting enough sleep, washing hands regularly and avoiding hand contact with the eyes, nose and mouth.

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