Donald Trump on 'Criminal' Caravan Migrants: 'This Country Doesn't Want Them'

Honduran migrants board trucks sending them back to Honduras after they crossed the border into Guatemala illegally in their bid to reach the US

Image Migrants board trucks back to Honduras after crossing into Guatemala illegally to reach the US

Thousands of migrants are waiting to cross, according to CNN teams at the scene.

Mexico's president, Enrique Peña Nieto, is also hosting emergency talks with the USA secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, on Friday, to assess the situation.

A caravan of Central Americans that formed in southern Mexico in late March also drew the ire of Trump, who on Thursday threatened to deploy the military and close the southern usa border if Mexico did not halt the latest procession.

On Thursday, Mexico's ambassador to Guatemala, Luis Manuel Lopez Moreno, met with migrants camped out on the border to try to discourage them from crossing illegally.

Manelich Castilla tells Milenio TV it is part of their plan to process the 3,000 some migrants who are trying to enter Mexico from Guatemala. And what will happen if they do?

By Tuesday, U.S. President Donald Trump had weighed in with a warning, threatening to cut foreign aid to Honduras if the group didn't turn back.

The exhausted migrants - mostly from Honduras and Guatemala - slept under rainy skies on the streets and in a park in the border town of Tecún Umán, where the shelter for migrants and a local Catholic parish were filled to capacity. And hundreds more are traveling through El Salvador en route to Guatemala. He was referring to the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which is awaiting ratification.

Mexico has vowed to detain any migrants who cross without visas, though it has also said it will process their asylum requests, and has asked for the United Nations refugee agency's help in doing so.

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Honduran migrants rush across the border towards Mexico, in Tecun Uman, Guatemala, Friday, Oct. 19, 2018.

Illegal immigration is likely to be a top issue in November 6 USA congressional elections and Trump said migrants in the caravan were being used by his political opponents. Gates at the border crossing were broken as they streamed toward a bridge into Mexico.

Tensions rose Thursday when an immigration activist who led a migrant caravan through Mexico last spring was arrested by federal police and immigration agents in Ciudad Hidalgo on the Mexican side of the border. Those who do so will be held "at a migratory station" for up to 45 business days.

He predicted that, like the caravan in April, Mexico will respond with measures like granting asylum to some migrants who qualify while deporting others who don't, perhaps not eliminating the caravan entirely but significantly reducing its size before it reaches the USA border.

What appeared to be tear gas was sacked as the crowd pushed towards Mexican police at the border, CNN's Bill Weir reported from the scene.

"Later on, UNHCR could help the Mexican government to find places to settle (migrants) inside or outside Mexico for those granted refugee status, but that hasn't been defined with UNHCR yet", Videgaray told Reuters.

Mexico has rushed to contain the situation.

The Honduran migrant caravan heading to the United States, as it is stopped at the Guatemala-Mexico global bridge in Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico.

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Trump's frustration appears to stem in part from record levels of immigrant parents entering the USA with children in the three months since his administration ended family separations at the border.

However, on the border, there were signs Mexico was complying with Trump's wishes. Later that day he said, again without evidence, that Democrats were somehow supporting the caravan because they figure "everybody coming in is going to vote Democrat".

"Mexico will make its decision", Pompeo said.

It's also about Mexican emigrants living overseas, many of whom are undocumented.

President Trump's watching his worst nightmare unfold - more than 1,500 immigrants marching from Honduras to the US, and he's vowing our troops will stop them. if Mexico can't get the job done.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has partnered with the United States in the past on immigration-related issues. So that makes any worldwide policy negotiations tricky.

However, although President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has said he is confident that agreement with the U.S. can be reached, the Mexican government has denied that a deal has been done.

Mexico's ambassador to Guatemala said his country had made a decision to enforce a policy of "metered entry" in the face of the thousands clamoring to cross. "Nobody is going to stop us!"

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Current Foreign Relations Secretary Luis Videgaray was also sanguine and viewed things through the lens of US politics.

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