China plans to replace streetlights with ‘artificial moon’ by 2020

A giant model of the moon on display during China’s Mid Autumn Festival

A giant model of the moon on display during China’s Mid Autumn Festival

According to plans, the verification of launch, orbit injection, unfolding, illumination, adjust and control of the manmade moon will be completed by 2020, the daily reported, quoting Wu Chunfeng, head of Tianfu New District System Science Research Institute in Chengdu in China's southwest Sichuan province.

The illuminated orb is meant to complement the light of Earth's existing moon, and will be eight times brighter than the natural satellite, Wu Chunfeng, chairman of Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics System Research Institute Co.

Moonlit skies over the Chinese city of Chengdu may soon get a boost from a second moon.

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While it might sound implausible, Wu says the technology has been in the works for years and has now "matured" toward readiness.

There are precedents for the scheme, though the technology and ambitions differ.

Most famously, the Russians wanted to use a satellite to deflect sunlight back to Earth, to illuminate night times in part of the vast country. Still, the underlying concept embraced by the experiment - which The New York Times described at the time as a test of "the feasibility of illuminating points on Earth with light equivalent to that of several full moons" - remains an enticing prospect. "Several" proved an overstatement, but the design was shown to be sound.

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A spokesman for the German technology ministry was less concerned, telling The Guardian, "It's a bit early for April Fool jokes but this sounds like one". However, an expert told the People's Daily that the artificial moon's light shouldn't be so bright that it would impact them.

Giulio Calenne of Chinese commerce outlet CIFnews writes that the idea has raised concerns amongst those who fear the artificial light could have adverse effects on wildlife and astronomical observation.

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