Australia Will Keep Burning Coal To Produce Electricity Despite Stern IPCC Warning

Flooding near the Rideau River in 2017

Flooding near the Rideau River in 2017

The world needs statesmen to lead the way to safety.

Doing that would require an immediate, massive, coordinated transformation of the global economic system - especially the energy system - on a scale the world has never seen, the report authors said. "What could go wrong?"

"This IPCC report makes unmistakably clear that the world must radically change".

"There is a role for high-quality Australian coal and it's compatible with meeting Paris emissions reductions targets", Ian Macfarlane, council chief executive and a former Coalition energy minister. Coalition members collectively represent more than 1.3 billion people and $34 trillion in GDP - equivalent to 17 percent of the global population and 43 percent of the global economy.

"The government does have a bit of a love affair with coal and see the use of coal in Australia going on forever", she said. Unprecedented heat waves. Devastating floods.

- And it just may be enough to save most of the world's coral reefs from dying. "Typically in Madison, we have about 10 days per summer where the temperature gets about 90 degrees Fahrenheit". A increase of about 2 degrees, however, would be disastrous.

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Our analysis of the effect in Botswana and Namibia of 1.5°C, 2.0°C and higher levels of global warming shows that they're likely to get hotter, drier and more water-stressed.

Preventing an extra single degree of heat could make a life-or-death difference in the next few decades for multitudes of people and ecosystems on this fast-warming planet, an worldwide panel of scientists reported Sunday.

Small differences can have huge impacts.

Pielke also notes the IPCC tends to rely on academic papers using the highest estimates for warming (Representative Concentration Pathway - RCP 8.5) with little reference to the more realistic low end RCP2.6.

All of these impacts are bad with one more degree of temperature rise.

Trump has produced much of his own heated rhetoric on denying the basic science involved and has pooh-poohed the effects of a 2% rise in heat. Annual carbon dioxide pollution levels that are still rising now would have to drop by about half by 2030 and then be near zero by 2050.

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Even worse, if we remain at our current levels of emissions, we are on a path to warming 4 C above pre-industrial levels by 2100, which if reached would trigger a chain of cataclysmic changes that include extreme heatwaves, declining global food stocks, substantial species extinctions and sea-level rising that would affect hundreds of millions of people, according to the report.

The implications of what the near future holds for these countries, which are already dealing with climate adaptation challenges, demand concerted action, both locally and internationally.

Yet, we're seeing more violent storms and more severe hurricanes - which the administration denies are related to climate change (and which are costing us billions in taxpayer rebuilding funds), we're seeing more sea-level flooding in Miami and other low coastal areas; we're seeing worldwide increases in population and the scattered scramble for clean water as starvation and drought rise around the globe.

Up until now, shouting America First slogans has allowed Trump to duck much of the reality of climate change.

USA carbon emissions actually fell slightly in 2017, due to the expansion of the renewable energy sector.

However, there is one country in the world who is publicly opposed to the Paris Agreement, the United States. On Wednesday, he claimed that the panel, recognized by others as the world's leading authority on climate change, had been "totally discredited" and dismissed its latest findings.

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Humanity has no time for such foolishness. This is the script that the United States, and particularly President Trump, is the environmental Darth Vader here. "I'm not the president of the globe", Trump thundered at a recent rally.

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