Algorithm art fetches US$432,500 at NY auction

Картина написанная роботом ушла с молотка за рекордную сумму

Portrait by AI program sells for $432,000

An AI-generated painting was sold at the Christie's Prints and Multiples art auction in NY for $432,500, which took place on 23-25 October.

A portrait created by an artificial intelligence (AI) has sold at an auction at Christie's in NY for $432,000.

The final price of the painting is almost 45 times higher than the 7,000 to 10,000 dollars estimate put by the major auction house.

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To do this the algorithm uses a "Generator", which creates a new image based on the information it gleans from the 15,000 portraits. The former generates its own art based on what it has been exposed to, while the Discriminator compares those works to human-made pieces. This process continued until the Discriminator could no longer tell the works apart.

Obvious used the GAN algorithm - who "signed" the portrait - to create portraits of the 11-person Belamy family. One of the members, Hugo Caselles-Dupré, discovered the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) class of algorithms while working on his machine learning. GANs are trained to seek patterns in a specific datas et and then create copies. One such artist - Robbie Barrat said that Obvious used a code that he had written and released publicly.

"I know it's a debate that's going on quite widely".

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An anonymous phone bidder bought the painting, Portrait of Edmond Belamy, which was created by an algorithm developed by the Paris art collective Obvious.

The artwork was produced as an experiment "in the interface between art and artificial intelligence", Christie's said on its website. With "Portrait of Edmond Bellamy" fetching an unexpected amount, we are not sure if the prices for the rest will also go up or not.

"It gives you privilege that only very wealthy people in previous centuries had - to commission works of art painted just for you", Lloyd said.

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"Artists who are great adopters of technology, they will seize AI", he predicted.

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