Trump Falsely Claims Revised Puerto Rico Death Toll Is Fake News

White House defends Trump on Puerto Rico death toll claim

White House defends Pres. Trump on Puerto Rico death toll claim

Trump, who famously DVRs news programs for later viewing, must have finally caught up with the controversy caused by comments he made on Tuesday in which he said his response to Hurricane Maria was "tremendous".

The number of almost 3,000 was released last month after an independent study by the George Washington University (GWU) in July, which was commissioned by the governor of Puerto Rico. He blamed the Democrats for making up false numbers to make him look "as bad as possible".

Then 18 minutes later, he added: "GWU Research to tell them how many people had died in Puerto Rico (how would they not know this?)".

Gov. Rick Scott, who is running for the U.S. Senate, tweeted: "I've been to Puerto Rico 7 times & saw devastation firsthand".

In the weeks after the storm hit, the Puerto Rican government said 64 people died on the island.

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Below is a list of studies that have estimated the death toll there.

Throughout his presidency, Trump has struggled to publicly express empathy at times of national crises, sparking outrage during his post-Maria visit when he feuded with San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz and tossed out paper towels to victims like he was shooting baskets.

"Get out of its way, don't play games with it, it's a big one, maybe as big as they've seen", Mr Trump said.

And the agency has focused more on preparing supplies and having contracts for relief in place ahead of the storm, said Gary Webb, chair of the Emergency Management and Disaster Science department at the University of North Texas.

John McCain. And Navarro has been absolutely livid about Trump's recent claims that the 2975 death toll in Puerto Rico is merely a Democratic Party fabrication.

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Since issuing a mandatory evacuation order Wednesday, nearly all of the more than 2500 residents left the island. At 90 miles per hour , its wind speed was dipping but still risky . "We are stuck in the attic".

The true human cost of Maria, and the chaotic federal response to the storm on the USA island territory, triggered a year-long controversy, which Trump revived this week even as another powerful hurricane, Florence, bore down on the East Coast. He first boasted of the "incredible unsung success" the administration achieved in Puerto Rico, when asked if there were lessons learned from response to that hurricane, as he commemorated the 17th anniversary of the terrorist attack that killed 3K in NYC, Virginia and Pennsylvania. The university study included Puerto Ricans who died of the heat, lack of water, lack of power, and other results of the storm; they had not been previously counted in official figures.

Puerto Rico was recovering from Hurricane Irma before Hurricane Maria hit in September 2017, destroying roads and bridges and leaving much of the Caribbean island without electricity for months.

Trump was widely panned for his insensitive tweets.

Cora indicated that the Puerto Rican people are continuing their efforts to a return to normalcy. He declined to comment even after reporters described what Trump wrote.

In January, Cora led a Red Sox delegation to Puerto Rico to distribute aid.

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