The standalone YouTube Gaming app is essentially being absorbed into YouTube

YouTube Gaming Finds New Home on Main Site

Google shuts down dedicated YouTube Gaming app and site

According to YouTube, 200 million people across the globe access gaming videos on the platform daily. There's a carousel of top live games along with new and upcoming live streams from subscribed channels, as well as trending videos and recommended videos based on your subscriptions and history.

In an announcement made on Tuesday, YouTube has confirmed that a dedicated YouTube Gaming app isn't necessary and, as a result, will be shutting it down.

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The new hub for YouTube gaming content will be at It included numerous Amazon-owned site's features, such as Game Pages and Channel Memberships, but while gaming was and is one of the most viewed topics on YouTube-over 200 million people watch related content every day-that popularity wasn't mirrored in the app. 11 million people installed YouTube Gaming across iOS and Android, but daily users paled in comparison to those on Twitch's app.

Launched as a standalone app in 2015, YouTube Gaming featured different pages for games and content creators that allowed viewers to navigate to their favorite games or streamers' videos. YouTube will also show some love to smaller creators each week via a new "On The Rise" feature.

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He even directly credits Twitch with some inspiration, saying, "Twitch does a really good job with game discoverability".

All the features of YouTube Gaming will now be incorporated into regular YouTube, including livestreams, Super Chat and channel memberships. Whether they were Let's Plays of games that were out of our reach, guides on how to complete quests or boss battles, or lore videos that dove deep into a game's story, YouTube was the place to find it all.

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"When we launched the YouTube gaming app, I think there was a lot of brand confusion in the market of like, 'Well, is this just a live gaming app and experience?" Ironically, Twitch is now returning the favor by trying to poach YouTube stars with special contracts. To find it, check the left side bar and scroll all the way down to the bottom. In the wake of the advanced notice today, the YouTube Gaming app will be retired in March next year.

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