Sony is launching a PlayStation Classic console with 20 games

Playstation Classic

PlayStation Classic mini retro console is launching in time for Christmas

Also, compared to the original PlayStation, the PlayStation Classic is claimed to be 45 percent smaller in size.

Following the success of Nintendo's nostalgia-tinged hardware releases, Sony is launching its own mini version of a classic console. Even better, games such as Tekken 3 (if you play as Eddy Gordo you are an absolute weapon) (yes I play as Eddy Gordo sometimes, mostly Hwoarang) and the incredible Final Fantasy VII have already been confirmed.

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The release date will mark exactly 24 years since the launch of the first PlayStation, which went on sale in Japan on 3 December 1994. All are playable in their original format, according to a post on the PlayStation blog. As with the SNES Classic, an included USB cable is used for power, rather than bundling it with an AC adaptor. The system costs $100 United States dollars, $130 CAD, and 9,980 yen. The design of the PlayStation Classic resembles the original PlayStation, including its button layout as well as controllers and outer package. To recall, back in May, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera said the company had considered a PlayStation Classic edition in the past - well, here it is. The console will come with 20 pre-installed games and two controllers.

More games will be announced in time (Cool Boarders please Mr Sony). The console will come with two controllers, connecting via HDMI. Pressing "Open" changes the virtual disc so you can swap games, while "Reset" suspends games.

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First there was the NES Classic Mini. Sony did an incredible marketing campaign, tapping into club culture to make games cool.

PlayStation Classic is launching in Japan, the USA and Europe, with a United Kingdom price of £90.

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