Russian Federation says Israeli role in Syria plane downing was premeditated

Much of Syria's air-defense network has been provided by Russian Federation but consists of weapons that are older and less effective than the S-300.

The Syrian military has already been trained to use the system, which was set to be sent over in 2013, but was held up 'at the request of Israel, ' Shoigu said.

"We are convinced that these measures will calm down some hotheads and keep them from careless actions which pose a threat to our troops", Shoigu said.

The downing of the plane forced Moscow to take "adequate retaliatory measures to increase the safety of Russian military fighting global terrorism in Syria", Shoigu said in a televised address.

This will improve Syrian air-defense operations and "most important, the identification of all Russian aircraft by Syrian air-defense systems will be guaranteed", Shoigu said.

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"Moscow's decision to provide Syrian forces with S-300 air defense system and Russian personnel to operate them is aimed at making Israel more careful in the vicinity of Russian assets, while also controlling Syrian allies", Dmitri Trenin, director of the Moscow Carnegie Center, wrote in Twitter. An Israeli military delegation travelled to Moscow last week to share information about the incident.

Israel strongly disputed the assertion and vowed it will continue to act against Iranian targets in neighboring Syria.

The Defense Ministry released detailed computer simulations over the weekend that it said showed that Israeli planes used the Russian reconnaissance aircraft as cover.

The Russian military has said that Israel's airforce informed its command in Syria via the established de-confliction hotline, but only one minute before the air strikes - and gave the wrong target location.

The "adventurism" of the Israeli military could have endangered civilian planes which use the same airspace to land at the nearby Hmeimim aerodrome, the officer said.

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A Russian plane was accidentally shot down by Syria as Israeli jets were attacking Assad regime targets in the war-torn country last week.

The Kremlin, meanwhile, accused the Israeli pilots of "premeditated actions" over the downing of the Russian surveillance plane last week and warned that the incident would harm relations between the two countries, AFP reported.

In an indirect warning at Israel, President Vladimir Putin's military said it would also start to jam the radar and satellite signals of planes that attack Syrian territory from the Mediterranean. However, the Kremlin also said Russia's decision was not targeted against anyone and only serves to protect Russian troops in Syria.

"We're confident that these measures will cool "hot heads" and prevent thoughtless moves that threaten our servicemen", he said.

A spokesperson for the Israeli army on Monday declined to comment on Moscow's S-300 delivery.

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