PM's daughter makes global headlines with United Nations appearance

New Zealand's so-called "First Baby" - the three-month-old daughter of prime minister Jacinda Ardern - has made her debut on the global political stage, appearing at a peace summit at the United Nations with her mother.

When asked it was harder to run a country or take a 3-month-old on a 17-hour flight, Ardern replied: "It felt at the time, on par". Ardern said she discovered the pregnancy within a week of her election victory past year.

Ms Ardern played with daughter Neve Te Aroha on Monday, shortly before addressing the UN's General Assembly. "Great yarn for her 21st (birthday)".

While in NY for the convergence of world leaders, Ardern is set for some high-profile interviews, including on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

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Ms Ardern returned to work in early August after spending "the fastest six weeks" of her life on maternity leave.

Anyway, they all made it intact (if sleep deprived), and Gayford held the baby while Ardern made her speech at the peace summit. She is expected to deliver a more wide-ranging speech on Thursday.

Her partner Gayford shared a picture earlier on Monday of Neve's United Nations diplomatic photo ID for the annual gathering of world leaders in NY this week, which classified her as "New Zealand first baby".

Ms Ardern is among world leaders at the UN General Assembly this week and has Neve, born in June, in tow.

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"There is no spousal programme for this, so we just made a judgement call that we would cover his travel for this trip".

"Ardern has earned a reputation as a frugal leader who recently froze MPs salaries for a year and makes her ministers carpool to events", it said. I have the ability to take my child to work. "I am not the gold standard for bringing up a child in this current environment because there are things about my circumstances that are not the same".

In response, Prime Minister Ardern said: "Regardless of what's going on in the United States generally as an worldwide community, now is the time whether or not we are talking about trade, about issues of conflict, for us to reinforce that working collectively is incredibly important".

"If I can do one thing, and that is change the way we think about these things, then I will pleased we have achieved something", she added.

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