Man arrested in Saudi Arabia for having breakfast with girl

Arrested The Egyptian man seen right was arrested after this video went viral in Saudi Arabia

Arrested The Egyptian man seen right was arrested after this video went viral in Saudi Arabia

In the past few years, Saudi women have acquired several new rights, including the right to vote in all elections and be elected for political office, the right to access government services such as healthcare and education without a guardian's consent and more recently, the right to drive.

"The labour ministry arrested an expatriate in Jeddah after he appeared in an offensive video", the ministry said.

The video was shared widely on social media.

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Local media identified the actual person as an Egyptian national. The video also shows the woman feeding him a piece of food. It has sparked outrage in a country which considers it unlawful for a woman to spend time with a man who is not her relative. The level that has prompted the most enrage is at the stop of the 30-2d video when the girl appears to be to feed the actual person.

Saudi Arabia prohibits men and women who are not related from socializing.

Behind the arrest the fact that the meal between the two colleagues was immortalized in a video shot by the same immigrant, posted online that immediately went viral. Women and men are not allowed to sit together unless they are close relations.

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In Egypt, many people reacted with surprise at the outcry from Saudi Arabia and wondered how anyone could be arrested for what they regarded as an innocuous video.

The public prosecutor later issued a statement urging foreign residents to adhere to the kingdom's laws and respect its values and traditions.

Much of that is now changing under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who curbed the powers of the religious police in 2016 as part of ambitious social and economic reforms.

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The arrest is at odds with the much-touted reform efforts of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman - known nearly universally as MBS - which seemed to be progressing with the Kingdom's lifting of a ban on women driving, but took a U-turn with the May arrest of at least 11 women activists.

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