Japanese Billionaire Books First Moonshot Aboard SpaceX's 'Big Falcon Rocket'

Elon Musk unveils first tourist for SpaceX 'Moon loop'

18/09/2018 12:16 Elon Musk unveils first tourist for SpaceX 'Moon loop'

He built his fortune founding the company Start Today and popular online fashion retailer Zozotown. He added he was excited, honored and grateful.

He stated that he will be on the first-ever commercial trip around the moon and that he plans to invite six-eight artists, designers, architects or creative people to go with him on the weeklong journey.

Other space companies, like Virgin Galactic, founded by British tycoon Richard Branson, and billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos's rocket company Blue Origin, are working on trips to the edge of space that could offer tourists a chance at weightlessness for 10 minutes or so.

SpaceX says it's signed the first private passenger to fly around the Moon in one of its rockets, and will reveal the mystery passenger's name at 6 p.m.

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First SpaceX passenger: 'I choose to go to the moon!'

But in February this year, Mr Musk said SpaceX would concentrate on the BFR for future crewed missions.

In 2017, Musk announced that he would be sending two paying passengers on a loop around the Moon - which was to have launched as early as this year.

Yesterday, the company revealed that Japan's billionaire entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa will become the first private passenger to fly around the moon.

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"I choose to go to the moon", Maezawa told the cheering crowd after he was introduced by SpaceX founder Elon Musk.

Maezawa, who runs his own fashion line and whose net worth has been reported to be upwards of $3 billion, said he sees art as a way to change the world. The mission is slated to take flight in 2023. NASA's Space Launch System rocket and Orion capsule is scheduled to take an uncrewed flight around the moon in 2020, followed by a flight with astronauts aboard three years later. "These masterpieces will inspire the dreamer within all of us".

Musk said the billionaire will pay "a lot of money" for the lunar orbit but he declined to disclose the exact amount. Musk said Maezawa is the bravest and the best adventurer and he's glad that he chose SpaceX for the mission.

A former drummer in a punk band, Maezawa's moon flight is tentatively planned for 2023 aboard SpaceX's forthcoming Big Falcon Rocket spaceship, taking the race to commercialize space travel to new heights.

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During Monday night's announcement, Musk said the whole goal of SpaceX is to "help advance rocket technology to the point where we could potentially become a multi-planet species", and to "extend life beyond Earth and do so as quickly as we can". The rocket isn't yet ready for the human space flight yet and work is on.

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