Fellow Republicans Disagree With Trump on Puerto Rico

Possibly Millions Of Water Bottles Meant For Hurricane Maria Victims Left On Tarmac In Puerto Rico

Alex Cora discusses Trump's comments on Puerto Rico

Trump disputed the death toll in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, denying that 3,000 people died on the island.

The number of dead in Hurricane Maria was raised from 64 to 2,975 by Puerto Rico's governor last month after an independent study assessed that there had been an undercount of people who had died in the aftermath. "I ask for your vote so that together we can make Washington work for our families".

Trump continued to enrage his critics in a series of tweets on Friday night, casting doubt on an academic study that calculated almost 3,000 deaths in the months following Maria.

"When I left the Island, AFTER the storm had hit, they had anywhere from six to 18 deaths", Trump said.

President Donald Trump is rejecting the official death count from Hurricane Maria and falsely accusing Democrats of inflating the Puerto Rican toll from the storm previous year to make him "look as bad as possible".

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Trump has repeatedly criticized Puerto Rico's official death toll from Maria, which the territorial government dramatically increased to 2,975 in August after commissioning a study by George Washington University.

The study, which was conducted without the backing of any political group, surveyed 3,000 residences across the United States' territory and found Puerto Ricans died at a much higher rate in the four months following the hurricane than in the same time period a year earlier.

"Casualties don't make a person look bad", House Speaker Paul Ryan said, breaking with the president.

When Trump visited Puerto Rico, the death toll at the time was indeed 16 people.

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Time and again, newsrooms are forced to use their limited and valuable manpower to fact-check and reject statements made by the president via Twitter.

Here are five Trump critics who have had angry reactions to the president's clueless remarks on Puerto Rico's death toll. She noted the hurricane that struck Puerto Rico led to massive power outages and "the longest blackout in American history".

"Physician unawareness of appropriate death certification practices. and the government of Puerto Rico's lack of communication about the death certificate process.substantially limited the count of deaths related to María".

In his segment, Dobbs then went on to assert that the president was accurate, even though Trump did not provide any evidence for his claims.

Puerto Rico's government is run by the New Progressive party, a pro-statehood, Puerto Rico-only party.

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The head of Puerto Rico's general services administration says the water will likely be returned.

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