British beef would be 'uncompetitive overnight' after no-deal Brexit - food officials

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#Johnson attacks government on taxes and rail

In that event, Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth said a so-called "hard Brexit" could result in the "worst of times" for the U.K. He said the the company's "home" but that a hard Brexit would cost Jaguar Land Rover, which is owned by India's Tata Motors, more than 1.2 billion pounds ($1.6 billion) a year.

Mr Baker's intervention came amid continuing anger over Boris Johnson's claim that the Chequers plan, which would see Britain maintain a "common rule book" with the European Union for trade in goods and agriculture, was tantamount to wrapping a "suicide vest" around the British constitution.

A group of pro-Brexit politicians and economists, meanwhile, argued Tuesday that Britain will be better off, not worse, if it leaves the European Union without a deal on future trade.

Freeman, who previously headed up No 10′s policy unit, said he had not discussed his proposals with the PM but insisted that a leadership contest need not be "chaotic".

World Cup victor Lloris fined for drunk driving
Pochettino said that "of course" Lloris would remain captain, explaining: "He's the first that regrets everything". He needs to adapt and understand and accept that he needs to play with this little bit of pain.

The EU is just as keen to get a deal done in time for the March 2019 exit date as the United Kingdom government, which we believe used threats of a "no deal" scenario as more of a negotiating ploy than anything else.

Former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, who quit his post in July over May's proposed divorce deal, said May should follow US President Donald Trump's lead and commit to rejecting new taxes in the wake of Brexit.

Supporters of Brexit acknowledge there may be some short-term pain for the UK's $2.9 trillion economy but say it will prosper in the long term when cut free from the EU which they cast as a failing German-dominated experiment in European integration.

But he said that, with Labour indicating it will vote against Mrs May's Brexit white paper package, it would be fanciful to expect her to secure parliamentary approval for Chequers. The rift deepened this week with Johnson comparing May's plan to a "suicide vest" on Britain's constitution.

US firms in China feeling ‘clear and far-reaching’ trade war pinch
The duty on light trucks, which account for about 50 percent of auto sales in the USA , was hardly mentioned before Mr. Beijing has issued a list of $60 billion of American products for retaliation if Trump's next tariff hike goes ahead.

Hopes are fading that Britain and the EU can strike a deal at an EU summit in October as originally planned, but there are growing expectations that the EU is planning another meeting for November.

Even a small rebellion inside her party on a final deal could spell the end of her minority government and throw Britain's exit into chaos. Under Conservative rules, a leadership election is triggered if 15 percent of Conservative lawmakers, now 48 out of its 315 members of parliament (MPs), demand a vote of no confidence.

If 48 letters are handed over a vote of no confidence would be triggered.

May's government says its critics have failed to present a viable alternative to her Chequers proposal.

'Catastrophic' Hurricane Florence buffets U.S. east coast
In Wilmington, residents who had decided not to evacuate were lining up to get ice from a vending machine - US$2 for a 7.2kg bag. Emergency declarations were in force in Georgia, South and North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Downing Street on Tuesday reiterated that Chequers was "the only serious, credible and negotiable plan which is on the table which both delivers on the will of the British people and which prevents the imposition of a hard border in Northern Ireland".

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