Brawn reveals Liberty’s 2021 concept auto

The concept car for 2021 was revealed yesterday and Hamilton was impressed

The concept car for 2021 was revealed yesterday and Hamilton was impressed

"At the moment, we've got designs which only lose 20 percent [of aerodynamic performance], so they're 80 percent of their performance. That's a subjective thing, of course, but most people who have seen the schemes, we're looking at, feel it's a more exciting looking vehicle", the official said according to Grand Prix 247.

He said the aim was for the FIA to produce a set of regulations by the end of next year, to ensure all teams had enough time to work on their new designs.

The new designs incorporate larger wheels, lower profile tyres and a revised version of the halo, which is more integrated into the design.

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The second concept (above) is more refined and stylistically more aggressive. Some of the current racer's sharp angles have been ditched in favor of smoother lines and rounder panels. "There's features on each part of the concept which may well carry over". And naturally, the cars are shown with 18-inch wheels.

"The new cars will look more exciting, in my view".

It should be noted that these are still very much concept designs.

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"In doing this project, we recognised there are some features that benefits come from the nature of the flow that comes off the auto in front and the sensitivity of the vehicle behind to that", Brawn said".

'Once the cars get within a few vehicle lengths of each other, they lose 50 per cent of their downforce.

"F2 cars can lose less performance when they are racing together, but the new IndyCar is great in that respect".

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The most notable change in all three concepts is the introduction of fairings near the wheels to improve the airflow, with cars for 2019 already set to include changes to the front wings based on similar principles. Further details have just been released on the official F1 website, we'll be sure to have a peruse over these and garner information on some of the key changes. I think one of the things you can see on these cars, the bigger wheels which we plan to go to in 2021, is we give a more modern feel to the auto. As we've previously discussed, the sport's technical rulebook is going to be thoroughly revised for the 2021 season in an attempt to cure a number of ills including the inability of one vehicle to follow closely behind another due to the effect of turbulent air. "F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and the auto should look sensational".

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