Apple Watch Series 4 Teardown Reveals Larger Battery, Jam-Packed Tech Goodies

FDA Recognizes New Apple Watch as Medical Device

Apple Releases iPhone XS, Apple Watch Series 4 Ads, Video Guides For New Features

"If you've entered your age when you set up your Apple Watch or in the Health app and you're age 65 and over, this feature automatically turns on". It also states that a physically active person might trigger the feature more often when undertaking intense high impact activites.

The built-in optical hearts sensor has been a feature of the Apple Watch since day one, but has gains more capabilities with each new release.

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The new Apple Watch touts a fancy new ECG, or electrocardiogram, monitor. In an Apple support document page, first spotted by a Reddit user, Apple clearly mentions that unless a user lists his/her age as 65 years or older when setting up the watch, or the Medical ID record on the iOS Health app, the Fall Detector feature is disabled by default.

Apple Watch Series 4 fall detection feature is off by default unless you are 65 or older. In case you didn't know, the wearable also came with a Fall detection mechanism which will alert nearby people or contact emergency services when a wearer falls down on the ground.

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Don't try to deliberately fall over on a hard surface just to test the Fall Detection feature because it's turned off for most users by default. However, if no movement is detected for a minute, the Watch will start a 15 second countdown, further tapping and sounding a louder alarm. These include contacting Emergency Services, dismissing the alarm but confirming it was a fall or dismissing the alarm as it detected a no-fall scenario. The experts' coin that while the original Apple Watch used too much glue and was awkwardly layered together, the Series 4 seems to be more thoughtfully laid out. It will not instantly trigger itself after detecting a fall.

Apple Watch is another big device that is likely to be unveiled at Apple's September 12 event where the company will be revealing the rumoured three iPhone models of 2018. Share your views on the Apple Watch Series 4 teardown in the comments.

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