Apple unveils its priciest iPhone, new smartwatch

The iPhone XS right and XS Max are displayed side to side

Camera Icon The iPhone XS right and XS Max are displayed side

After months of rumours, Apple finally unveiled its flagship XS iPhones on Wednesday evening at a glitzy launch event in Cupertino, California. I can't help but think that, for many who want XS style but on a more affordable budget, the iPhone XR could end up being the smartest buy from Apple's 2018 line-up.

The XS has the exact same look and dimensions as the original iPhone X, while the Max is a plus-size variant with a 6.5-inch display. That actually took a fair amount of finessing in order to achieve the slim bezels and curved corners, Apple says.

The Apple Watch Series 4 will let users take an electrocardiogram, or ECG, and share it with their doctor.

In most ways, this year's iPhones look like last year's iPhone X. With no Home Button, the XR supports tap to wake, swipe up to the home screen, swipe down to access notifications and the Control Centre.

Battery life, in comparison to the iPhone 8 Plus, is improved by 90 minutes.

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The position of the speakers hasn't changed with the new models, but Apple has introduced "wider stereo sound" for both the XS and XS Max, which the company claims helps to deliver a richer sound experience. The iPhone Xs is at last official - alongside the iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR, and despite all the secrecy and speculation, it's much as everyone expected it to be. The Xr will be available in Canada starting at $1,029 according to Apple.

Some of you might rightly be wondering: What about my not-so-huge hands?

Notably, the 6S line and the SE were the last iPhone models that had a headphone jack - the newer models sport only Apple's own Lightning connector.

During our brief time with the iPhone XS it was hard to tell just how effective this new feature is given the significant level of ambient noise, but the XS seems to go just as loud as the iPhone X and remains just as clear.

It might be uncharitable to say it, but I'm glad that's all over. It comes with a big 6.5-inch screen, which really should qualify it as a small iPad.

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Apple didn't invent this big phone fashion. It's smaller than a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Apple's older generation Plus phones. That size, The Verge noted, also makes it one of the largest phones across the entire market.

The iPhone Xs, like its predecessor, has a screen that occupies nearly the entirety of the phone's frontage.

So mark your calendars, if you're ready to pay Apple's highest price point yet, the new phones will be out in Malta on September 28th. Plenty of professionals will be able to get most of their (digital) work done on this device.

In addition to dropping those iPhone models, Apple also appears to be backing away from AirPower, the wireless-charging product it announced previous year - it seems to have removed almost all mentions of AirPower from its site. There are lots of tasks you can now do best with apps.

Good luck ever putting it down.

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