Amnesty Calls for Accountability for Hurricane Maria Using Projection on Trump Hotel

1 year after Hurricane Maria: Vigil held to honor lives lost

Hostos honors students who helped rebuild Puerto Rico

"I thought I was going to die, I was going to die with my family", Morales said. The hit happened amid a deep recession. "Three thousand people died on his watch".

The recovery process after Maria has also seen hundreds of community-driven efforts. Like thousands of other Puerto Ricans, Molina's wife and son moved to South Florida's city of Homestead. The aid was part of the $20 billion disaster recovery grant agreement, the largest pledge in the agency's history.

For Carson, the disbursement of HUD funds "paves the way for a speedy, long-term recovery", but he warned that the "path forward is challenging, and will be measured not in months, but rather in years".

Last week, Trump disputed the estimated death toll of 2,975, a number that came from a George Washington University study and reflected similar numbers from CNN's own reporting.

"If the Puerto Rican people don't realize that the American federal government does not care about them and does not care about their well-being - if this doesn't show them that then I don't know what else will", Torres said.

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During the ceremony with Carson in San Juan, Rossello said the US island was still recovering from hurricanes Irma and Maria and added that Puerto Ricans were grateful for the Trump's administration "committed attention to the recovery of the island".

He says rebuilding homes has been the primary focus.

Amid midterm elections in Florida, Sen.

Carson, asked about the federal response to Maria, told Reuters the government "responded quickly", yet conceded "there were things that could have been better".

Bitter debates still rage over the failings of the United States government's response to the Category 4 storm in Puerto Rico and the awful human toll it took.

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"I think it's inexplicable", Kumi Naidoo, Amnesty International's secretary general, told The Associated Press during a visit to the island Thursday.

Tiffany Cross moderated the Capitol Hill panel on the government's response a year ago to Hurricane Maria, saying it was the biggest Capitol Hill panel of experts to meet on the hurricane since it hit.

There is plenty of frustration about the pace of the recovery on the island, as many households still don't have a roof or reliable access to water and electricity. Major power outages are still being reported, tens of thousands of insurance claims are still pending and almost 60,000 homes still have temporary roofs unable to withstand a Category 1 hurricane.

He said the exhibition walks a fine line, with some paintings showing attractive landscapes alongside trailers set up by Puerto Rico's forensics institute as part of the effort to try to identify the bodies of those who perished in the storm. Edna Velazquez lives in Humacao, a coastal municipality north of Yabucoa, where the storm made landfall.

FILE - A man takes one of his 10 a day asthma treatments to help him breathe, inside his home still covered with a tarp a year after Hurricane Maria, in Naranjito, Puerto Rico, Sept. 9, 2018. What we went through was awful.

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The newspaper said its sources also included people who were briefed on memos written by FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. He adds, "Based on my personal dealings with the president, there is no basis to invoke the 25th Amendment".

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