6 siblings of Arizona GOP congressman endorse his opponent

Six siblings of Republican congressman Paul Gosar urged voters not to re-elect their brother in November

Six siblings of Republican congressman Paul Gosar urged voters not to re-elect their brother in November

Six of Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar's nine siblings appeared in a campaign ad for David Brill, Gosar's Democratic opponent in the upcoming midterm election.

The ad, which has already racked up over 400,000 views on Youtube, features the six individuals, but doesn't drop the bombshell reveal of their relation to the congressman until the end.

"Paul's absolutely not working for his district", says David, a lawyer.

"If (Arizona voters) care about healthcare, they care about their children's healthcare, they would hold him to account", says physician Grace.

"I share the same philosophy and policies that Paul does", the newspaper quoted her as saying.

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"He's not listening to you, and he doesn't have your interests at heart", pipes in a private investigator named "Tim".

Paul Gosar, who first entered Congress in 2011 with the backing of the populist Tea Party movement and is known for his hardline views on immigration, is odds-on favourite to retain his seat in the rural, conservative state when he faces Democrat David Brill this fall.

Brill told the Phoenix New Times that he declined to meet any of the Gosar siblings "so they could be themselves".

Videographers from Brill's campaign interviewed Gosar's siblings, but Brill said he was not personally involved with the ad, or the siblings' remarks.

The New York Times reports that David Brill (Gosar's Democratic opponent) first got the idea for his campaign ad when he saw Dave Gosar's twitter feed.

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They previously condemned the congressman's false accusation that wealthy Democratic donor George Soros was a Nazi collaborator in World War II. "None of us even want to do it", David Gosar said to the Phoenix New Times. Gosar has also spread a conspiracy theory that the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, where one woman was killed by a self-identified white supremacist, was actually plotted by left-wing organizers to damage Trump.

"It's intervention time", said another brother, Tim. Paul Gosar is the oldest of ten siblings.

The Fourth District is a Republican stronghold that includes the cities of northwest Arizona and areas surrounding metro Phoenix. She said she supported her son's beliefs.

Jennifer Gosar talks about her brother Paul in an advertisement for his opponent David Brill.

"I think my brother has traded a lot of the values we had at our kitchen table", said Joan Gosar, a civil engineer. He sent out several tweets trying to rebuff their criticism, calling them "liberal Democrats who hate President Trump". "If you can't speak out against your family, then don't be a hypocrite and speak out against someone else's family member".

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It's not unusual for siblings to disagree with each other.

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