Video shows escaped goats invading Boise neighborhood

No one knows where they came from but they’re sure making themselves at home

No one knows where they came from but they’re sure making themselves at home

The goats strolled down the streets in the neighborhood and rushed into people's yards, according to KTVB-7, a CBS affiliate in Idaho.

Animal Control responded to the situation and was overwhelmed by the hungry herd.

Soon owners "We Rent Goats" arrived and herded their kids into the truck.

"We prefer to do jobs that require at least 100 goats", according to the We Rent Goats website.

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Everyone hold up - there were 100 loose goats in Boise, ID today and there's video to boot.

The 118 goats were later found to have escaped from a corral near the Ada County Highway District, where they had been rented to clear foliage.

"They managed to break through the fence and go on a little adventure to meet the neighbors", she said.

Didn't think we could love a goat any more.

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And a third person added: "I want them released in my neighborhood next!"

Here's something that'll really get a resident's goat. No it isn't, but some runaway goats-for-rent (this is a thing) did flood a neighborhood in Boise, Idaho.

One Twitter user said that in 30 years they would be telling their grandchildren about "the great goat invasion of 2018".

Even as the excitement on Summerwind began to die down, Zander Holyoak said he couldn't wait to tell his friends about his unusual morning.

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