The Discovery Of A Lake On Mars Is A Big Deal

Enlarge Image Hubble Space Telescope observed Mars on July 18.                  NASA ESA and STScI

Enlarge Image Hubble Space Telescope observed Mars on July 18. NASA ESA and STScI

In 2011, an unknown Nepalese, Lachendro of Ojha studied images of the surface of Mars made by NASA.

FREWSBURG - At the Martz-Kohl Observatory, one of the largest telescopes in the tri-state area will soon give astronomy enthusiasts the best chance to see Mars as the planet is closer than it's been in the past 15 years and will be in the next 15 years.

"There are likely similar water deposits below the ground all across Mars".

It's almost a mile below the surface and more than 12 miles wide. These features were interpreted as due to the propagation of the radar signals through a very cold layer of pure water ice having negligible attenuation.

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The announcement of the presence of liquid water beneath the surface of Martian poles validates research published by PSI Senior Scientist Stephen Clifford back in 1987.

Antonio Paris, an astrophysics professor at the St. Petersburg College, said Mars should be as bright as Venus for the next few weeks.

"Depending on how pervasive this is, it could really change the whole game of how we're thinking about Mars", Robinson said.

"We'd seen hints of interesting subsurface features for years but we couldn't reproduce the result from orbit to orbit, because the sampling rates and resolution of our data was previously too low", adds Andrea Cicchetti, MARSIS operations manager and a co-author on the new paper.

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But by labouring over ways in which to improve upon information collected by the spacecraft, the team came up with a new operating mode to bypass some onboard processing.

What is happening on July 27, and what will we see?

Microbial life survives some of the harshest conditions on Earth, including within subglacial environments. "We'll still need to drill, still need suction, and given the temperatures on Mars, any exposed liquid water would freeze, so there still needs to be a way to turn ice into water", Padir said. - After announcing the existence of a 20-kilometer-long saltwater mass at the south pole of Mars, the "red" planet will be the protagonist of two rare astronomical events. Images of the red planet and Saturn of 2018 made at nearly maximum zoom from space to our planet, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent. Mars will remain considerably bright, like that of another star, until that date. Hubble even has one advantage over these probes: it can look at these objects periodically and observe them over much longer periods than any passing probe could. Scientists believe the water is kept in liquid form by a salty brine that Orosei and colleagues speculatively describe as a "sludge".

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