Tesla: Is the Company Looking for Help for Elon Musk?

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Tesla: Is the Company Looking for Help for Elon Musk?

Members of the Tesla Board of Directors have anxious Elon doesn't sleep after taking Ambien. he tweets, and it has caused the company problems. most recently when he tweeted he wanted to take the company private.

Asked if he regretted it, he said: "Why would I?"

Musk appeared to become emotional when discussing his 47th birthday which he spent entirely at work: "All night - no friends, nothing", said Musk, who was allegedly quite emotional and struggling to speak.

He wasn't using marijuana at the time, according to the interview, and when his calculation of an appropriate one came to $419, he thought it was "better karma" to round up.

The paper also reported that efforts were underway to find a No. 2 executive to help take some of the pressure off Musk, who has been dealing with production issues for its key Model 3 sedan and criticized for his erratic behavior on Twitter.

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In a statement to The Times that Tesla attributed to the board of directors, the company criticised what it called "false and irresponsible rumours" about the board's discussions. There's a reason for the word 'stoned.' You just sit there like a stone on weed'.

It's followed by how he very almost had to miss being best man at his brother's wedding, and just slipped in and out of the celebration before getting back to the factory, and it makes you wonder anyone could live like that for years at a time. Two days later, he was scheduled to be the best man at his brother's wedding in Catalonia, where he managed to arrive only two hours before the ceremony. These include time devoted to creating, selling, and attending parties for The Boring Company's flamethrowers, his trip to Thailand during the cave crisis, and other diversions.

When he's not working, Musk told the newspaper that he takes the sedative Ambien to help him sleep.

Meanwhile, Tesla has come under even more scrutiny after an employee fired from Tesla's Nevada battery factory filed a whistleblower complaint with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, accusing the company of spying on employees and failing to act after learning that a Mexican cartel may be dealing drugs inside the plant, his attorney said on Thursday.

"Why would I?" he said. Referring to the short-sellers Musk stated: "They're not dumb guys, but they're not supersmart". So far, these damaging allegations have resulted in Tesla being subpoenaed by government regulators and hit with two class-action lawsuits from investors who contend that the tweets violated federal securities laws.

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The Times cited an unnamed source as saying some Tesla board members had expressed concern about this, apparently viewing the sleep medication as sometimes leading to "late-night Twitter sessions" rather than sleep.

"They can have the job". Musk said he didn't receive complaints from Tesla's board regarding it.

"If you have anyone who can do a better job, please let me know", is the Elon quote the interview ends with. His claim that funding for a go-private deal was "secured", Musk said in a statement, was prompted by his belief that Saudi investors were on board to fund a deal.

The interview offered rare insights into Mr Musk's personal life and thinking. "They can have the reins right now", said Musk.

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