PS4 Breaks 80 Million Units Sold

PS4 Breaks 80 Million Units Sold

PS4 Breaks 80 Million Units Sold

(SON.L, SNE) reported that its first-quarter net income attributable to stockholders rose to 226.4 billion yen or $2.08 billion from last year's 80.9 billion yen.

Increasing smartphone competition means Sony "may need to cut the smartphone business outlook further or revise the current midterm business plan", Totoki said.

Israeli airforce targets militants in Syrian-held Golan Heights
The Syrian civil war erupted in 2011 and Russian intervention in 2015 helped to turn the tide in Assad's favor. The incident took place on the southern Golan Heights, near the triangle of Syria, Jordan and Israel borders.

Annual sales are now projected to rise slightly, with operating profit unchanged.

The figures are Sony's first quarterly results under new CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, who replaced Kazuo Hirai in April. Previously, the company had forecast that net income would be ¥480 billion (~$4.2 billion) on sales of ¥8.3 trillion (~$74.14 billion).

White House officials: Russian election meddling is happening again
But Nielsen said US agencies have "seen a willingness and a capability on the part of the Russians" to attack USA election infrastructure.

Music: Streaming continued to grow, with Spotify last week announcing monthly active users had grown to 180 million, topping estimates.

To that end, Sony has been expanding businesses that promise stable revenue streams, such as online gaming services and music content libraries, while minimising the impact of the volatile sales cycles of game consoles and other electronic gadgets. Sony also raised its outlook for sales to 8.6 trillion yen from 8.3 trillion yen, citing higher-than-expected video-game sales. The camera segment of the company also flushed in cash and made $234 million in profit. Sony recorded a one-time gain of 53.9 billion yen from the sale and said its remaining shares have a fair value of 95.3 billion yen. They have also improved the sales forecast for the PS4 in the fiscal year 2019, and it is now 96 million, up one million from the previous forecast. Operating profit almost halved to JPY 29.1 billion, due to one-time insurance and divestment gains a year ago, but is expected to grow to JPY 120 billion over the full year to March 2019.

National Archives to review all Kavanaugh records by October, potentially delaying confirmation
Still, a spokesperson for Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said he still plans on holding confirmation hearings in September. Even before Thursday's letter from the National Archives, Republicans blasted the Democratic demands as delay tactics.

Under that strategy, the gaming business saw profit increase to 83.5 billion yen in the three months ended June from 17.7 billion yen a year earlier, as high-margin online software and new first-party titles such as "God of War" and "Detroit: Become Human" compensated for slowing sales of PlayStation 4 consoles.

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