People are taking the mick out of Donald Trump's Space Force

US Space Force: America to 'establish space dominance' by 2020 | Daily Star

'Time has come' for US Space Force, 6th military branch: Mike Pence

The White House has already been working with Congress to develop the plan, Pence said, and next year's budget would seek funding and authorisation for the new armed service. At that point, the subject of a service branch for space had already been the subject of hot debate within the military and Congress. Leaders of the Air Force, which now owns existing military operations regarding space, have argued that the service does not have the resources to support a separate space service. The military relies on space technology for various operations, including Global Positioning System, satellite imagery and probes that can detect missile launches.

Mr Pence offered while space was once a peaceful and uncharted territory, it was now crowded and adversarial.

Pence built a case for the necessity of a Space Force, citing military advances in space by adversaries such as Russian Federation and China.

On Thursday, though, Mattis endorsed the space management changes that would utilize members of existing military branches.

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The creation by 2020 of a space force, a desire by President Donald Trump, who wants the US to "dominate space", announced US Vice President Mike Pens.

There is no independent military branch focused on space, but there is a sizable space command within the air force.

Trump, the champion of the plan, tweeted: "Space Force all the way!" "But it's being handled by U.S. Air Force today". "A branch of the military hasn't been created in 70 years. what would it mean to go about right now creating a sixth branch of the military?".

David Cicilline, who sits in the House of Representatives, asked if "no Republican" would tell the president "what a dumb idea Space Force is".

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Democratic Senator Bill Nelson has said such a move would "rip the Air Force apart". "But we can do this within the US Air Force". The July 30 draft included a list of immediate actions DoD would take, such as standing up a unified Space Command, establishing a Space Operations Force and creating a Space Development Agency to oversee technology efforts.

"To defend the United States is not enough to have just an American presence in space".

Retired People's Liberation Army colonel Yue Gang said the arms race between the US, China and Russian Federation had already begun in space, and it was escalating.

However, before it gets off the ground - Space Force still needs Congress to pass new legislation. Citing concerns about Russian Federation and China's growing fleet of satellites and technological advancements in space technology, the administration sees building a separate force as vital to protecting our interests in space.

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