Fraser Anning calls for a ban on Muslim migrants in maiden speech

Fraser Anning

Fraser Anning

An Australian senator is being condemned for his speech in Parliament advocating reviving a white-only immigration policy and using the term "final solution" in calling for a vote on which migrants to admit into the country.

In that speech he used the phrase "final solution", which was the phrase used by the Nazis under Adolf Hitler which meant annihilating Jewish people from Europe.

But how can he speak for us when he's made it clear a large portion of our community would never have been allowed in the country if he had his way?

"The final solution to the immigration problem of course is a popular vote", he added.

Fraser Anning floated what the New York Times calls the "Nazi euphemism for genocide" on Tuesday during his first speech to Parliament, during which he called for a halt to Muslim immigration. Hanson said she warned Anning not to take Howard on to his staff when Anning replaced Roberts after his disqualification.

"I support everything he was a magnificent speech". "That has nothing to do with the 'Final Solution, ' the thought police got onto that".

Fraser Anning
Fraser Anning

"Good men died for our right to say whatever we wanted to say and use whatever words we want to use".

"I support everything he said", Katter told reporters on Wednesday afternoon.

"The majority of Muslims in Australia of working age do not work and exist on welfare", said the senator, for whom this was his maiden speech upon entering parliament.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale said if Senator Anning had a shred of decency he would apologise, saying using the same language as Nazis was vile, racist and bigoted. Only time will tell if this speech will be as monumental.

"I just want to know when it's going to change".

Derryn Hinch, an opposition MP, called Anning "Pauline Hanson on steroids".

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Mr Shorten said the comments amounted to racism which should be rejected by all Australians.

"How gutless are members in this Parliament?"

"Nobody has the right to diminish some Australians to make them feel less equal than others, and it is up to every single one of us to call it out when we see it - and make it clear that we will not accept such divisive, hate-filled nonsense today", Ms Hennessy said.

The Senate did, however, pass a motion recognising the merits of immigration and multiculturalism, and a similar motion was moved in the House of Representatives. Below, she responds to Fraser Anning's maiden speech.

Besides Muslims, Anning also targeted worldwide students as he asked for an "end to Australian-job-stealing 457 visas" and "force global students to return to their country of origin once they finish their education". "Those who try to demonize Muslims because of the crimes of a minority are only helping terrorists".

"Be very clear about this".

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"It has connotations and meanings to history which it are deeply offensive to right-thinking people, not only in Australia but across the world".

"We reject, we condemn racism in any form, and the remarks by Sen".

Mr Katter also hit out at what he called the "lily pad left" for their response to the speech.

But she said she was sick of being forced to defend multiculturalism.

"I'm exhausted of having to stand up against against vilification, time and time and time again".

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