Apple is 1st Public US Company to be Valued at $1 Trillion

Business Insider  Andy Kiersz data from Bloomberg

Business Insider Andy Kiersz data from Bloomberg

Apple's quarterly results on Tuesday "will likely deliver the count through June 30".

In the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the iPhone is rapidly becoming the handset of choice as the company courts the expanding Middle East market amid rising digital penetration across the region.

"I think the biggest challenge for Apple will be the move to the cloud, as Apple does not own the cloud in the same way Google, Amazon and Microsoft do". In recent years, Apple has been working to spread its cult-like following to newer devices like smart watches, cordless headphones and smart home speakers.

Apple's stock was up 2 per cent in trading on Thursday at 11 a.m. ET, to $205.92 per share, following a 5.9 per cent surge the previous day. In fact, while the company's iPhone earnings for the quarter grew 20% year-over-year because of higher smartphone ASPs, Apple's services revenue grew 31% year-over-year as the company has been expanding its offerings for some time now.

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Steve founded Apple on the belief that the power of human creativity can solve even the biggest challenges - and that the people who are insane enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

Much of Apple's success is due to the iPhone, which remains the company's most popular product by a significant margin. Some progressives take issue with all the money Apple gives back to its shareholders, almost $44 billion during the first six months of this year.

Together with Facebook, the five largest USA companies account for 15 percent of the S&P 500. Alphabet Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOGL), Google's parent company, now holds a 52.

The company also has a strong footing in China, unlike rivals Microsoft and Nokia, which failed to make inroads in the Chinese market, Al-Suwaiyed said. They're up 22 percent so far this year. As HuffPost reporter Emily Peck tweeted: "Did Apple get to $1 trillion through sheer innovation and ingenuity?"

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Apple's huge growth, is largely thanks to the introduction of its portable devices, in 2001, when the iPod was launched the firm was valued at just $6 billion, this propelled the firm to $106 billion by the time iPhone was introduced.

Founder Steve Jobs' return to Apple in the late-1990s helped turned around the company's fortune.

Apple said it expects revenue of $60 billion to $62 billion for the fiscal fourth quarter that ends in September 30. And good luck arguing that Tim Cook, who has basically been running Apple since 2009, has been a poor steward given that the stock is up some 2,000 percent since then. But he said it was "not the most important measure" of the company's success.

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