Woman declared dead after vehicle crash WAKES UP in mortuary fridge

A South African woman is recovering in hospital after being discovered alive in a mortuary fridge

A South African woman is recovering in hospital after being discovered alive in a mortuary fridge

"Equipment used to determine life showed no form of life on the woman", he stressed.

"When our ambulance arrived on the scene, we followed all the procedures", Gerrit Bradnick, operations manager at ambulance service Distress Alert, told the German DPA news agency.

'The crew is absolutely devastated - we're not in the business of declaring living people dead, we're in the business of keeping people alive'.

Hours after she apparently died in a vehicle crash, mortuary technicians found the woman breathing, horrified they could have killed her themselves had they started an autopsy.

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"This did not happen because our paramedics are not properly trained", he said. "The injuries, especially to her head, were so bad you could not work out her age or size", said Bradnick.

The woman was taken to the Carletonville morgue in South Africa after a road accident, where paramedics at the scene found she wasn't breathing.

A Times Live report said, the woman who was involved in a auto accident outside of Carletonville a week ago was declared dead, along with two other occupants also killed in the collision.

Forensic experts at the state's health department are now investigating the company‚ local authorities told the newspaper.

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"The issue is that we need answers, that's all we want and we don't have any clarity now". "There is no proof of any negligence by our crew", he said.

A member of the woman's family said that they were in shock and that they haven't been given any information. In 2016 another road accident victim, from KwaZulu Natal, was declared dead, only to be found breathing the next day.

Seven years ago in South Africa, a 50-year-old man woke up inside a mortuary screaming.

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