Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Trailer Teases Spock's Return

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Trailer Released at San Diego Comic Con 2018

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Trailer Teases Spock's Return

Kurtzman shared that the upcoming season will sync up with Star Trek canon.

The second season of "Star Trek: Discovery" will air in January 2019.

Star Trek: Discovery's Rainn Wilson will return to play Harry Mudd in a short he will also direct, and Aldis Hodge will star in another as Craft, a man who finds himself the only human on board a deserted ship.

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Since then, fans have been speculating about which characters from The Original Series will appear in Season 2.

During the panel, Mount confirmed that his "Number One" will be a woman, just like Majel Barrett during Star Trek: The Original Series. Also revealed was that the second season will visit Saru's homeworld, as well as responses that the show will continue to explore the Klingon storyline established in season one surrounding L'Rell's ascendancy to the position of Chancellor on the Klingon Homeworld. Since the Season 1 finale, Marvel's Inhumans actor Anson Mount will be playing Pike, who will play an important role during Season 2.

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The trailer links the timeline of "Discovery", which is set roughly a decade before James Kirk takes the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise with former Enterprise Captain Christopher Pike taking command of the U.S.S. Discovery, due to a Federation regulation which takes effect in times of imminent danger.

After the teaser's premiere, it was announced that a new anthology series is in the works that will tie into Star Trek: Discovery. The four Short Treks episodes will roll out monthly beginning this fall, and will be stand-alone stories, each running approximately 10-15 minutes.

"Each episode will deliver closed-ended stories while revealing clues about what's to come in future Star Trek: Discovery episodes", showrunner Alex Kurtzman says.

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