Scott Pruitt out as EPA chief

Woman With Toddler Confronts Pruitt During Lunch

EPA Chief Pruitt Had Aides ‘Scrub’ His Official Calendar to Hide Meetings that Would ‘Look Bad,’ Report Says

Scott Pruitt, Trump's appointee to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is the latest Trump official to be confronted by protesters on their own time, The Washingtonian is reporting.

A senior administration official said Pruitt is "inching forward to the tipping point", but ultimately Pruitt's standing at the EPA depends on President Donald Trump.

Despite the scandals, Trump has been approving of Pruitt's efforts to reduce regulations that the administration says curb business growth.

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"I think that Scott Pruitt should have to look at that next generation that he's impacting by how he's making a lot of selfish, stupid decisions on how to spend taxpayer money", Mink said.

"He had no response, he had no defense, he had no apology, he did no explaining, he did no denying", she said of Pruitt. Before that, it was reported he dispatched staffers to fetch his preferred lotion from the Ritz-Carlton hotel, and tried to get his wife a Chik-fil-A franchise.

Wheeler, a former Senate staffer and EPA employee who spent the past decade representing coal, mining and other energy companies, will take the helm of the agency on Monday, Trump tweeted. In the post, Mink encourages people to support the Sierra Club's online campaign aimed at pressuring senators to call for Pruitt's resignation.

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Pruitt has been dogged by scandals during his tenure as EPA administrator and is the subject of about 12 separate investigations. Republicans from Iowa, Senators Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley, have also spoken harshly against Pruitt's for a proposal to change rules regarding ethanol and renewable fuels.

During a press gaggle aboard Air Force One on Tuesday, White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley called the numerous reports about Pruitt "troublesome" and said the President was concerned about them.

Then came the reports of the large number of bodyguards he kept around him 24 hours a day, doubling the cost of his predecessors' security detail. Mitchell, a longtime friend of Pruitt's, said in a recent op-ed that she had volunteered her time to find Marlyn Pruitt employment.

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Chmielewski told CNN that he was booted from the EPA after he asked too many questions about Pruitt's spending habits and management.

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