New MacBook Pro True Tone feature works with LG UltraFine, Thunderbolt displays

Apple's new Mac Book Pro butterfly keyboards have a dust-busting layer

New Mac Book Pros look like they have keyboard dust protection

The new membrane suggests the issue has been addressed though. Luckily, the folks at iFixit were able to obtain an early production model of the 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro and dissected the keyboard.

Apple revealed a powerful refresh to its MacBook Pro devices earlier this week. But this is Apple we're talking about, so you shouldn't be surprised. But here's to hoping that the next generation of keyboards will completely fix the problem.

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Marketing-wise, I don't think they would admit to a reliability problem in the existing butterfly keyboards (especially since they're still selling second-generation keyboards in all non-TouchBar models), and legal-wise (given the fact that they're facing multiple lawsuits regarding keyboard reliability) I don't think they should admit to it. While a more reliable keyboard is undeniably a great selling point, it makes sense that Apple is not shouting about it at the moment.

Right now though, your best bet to get your hands on the 2018 MacBook Pro will be to order it directly from Apple's online store as the shipping estimates are low at 1-2 days. The latest laptop teardown by iFixit shows that Apple has added a silicone membrane beneath each key, apparently serving the dual task of quietening typing and offering protection and dust and other unwanted contaminants.

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A brand new MacBook Pro model that comes with what looks like a fixed keyboard.

As mentioned, Apple has officially just said that the MacBook Pro keyboard is quieter now, but iFixit believes that's a cover-up. Interestingly, Apple has a patent for this technology, called "Ingress Protection for Keyboards", created to "prevent and/ or alleviate contaminant ingress".

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