Israeli leader Netanyahu visits Putin in Russian Federation ahead of Trump summit

Thank you Putin! We support Russia because Russia supported us’ Syrian fans at World Cup

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On Sunday night, Syria said its air defense repelled an Israeli sorties against the T4 air base in Homs province, where seven Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps personnel died in an April 9 attack that Damascus and Tehran also blamed on Israel.

The attack near Hader village at the border of the Israeli Golan Heights caused only material damage, state news agency SANA cited a military source as saying.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flew to Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin, Reuters reported.

Last month, Israel fired a missile at a drone that approached its airspace near the Syrian frontier, and in February Israel shot down what it said was an Iranian drone that entered its airspace.

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Israeli soldiers stand guard as Syrians walk into a checking room just after they crossed the armistice line to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights to get medical treatment in Israel, July 11, 2018.

Netanyahu said he planned to discuss Syria, Iran and Israeli security needs with the Russian leader.

Israel took control of Golan from Syria in 1967 during the Middle East war.

Russia, whose 2015 intervention in the Syrian civil war turned the tide in Assad's favor, has largely turned a blind eye to repeated Israeli air strikes in Syria targeting suspected Iranian or Hezbollah emplacements and arms transfers.

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Responding to a reporter's question if Israel would establish some kind of relations with Syria, Lieberman responded: "Our assessment is that we are far from that, but we do not rule out anything".

This is Netanyahu's third meeting with Putin this year and the ninth since 2015 when Russian Federation began supporting the Syrian government militarily against rebels.

Israel has signalled openness to eventual ties with Assad, a tacit acknowledgement that the Syrian president is re-consolidating power as he routs the country's rebels.

Both the United States and Israel are concerned about Iran's growing military presence in Syria, where it has provided crucial aid to Assad's forces. A Syrian commander said the drone was engaged in local operations.

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