ICC responds to draft USA tariff act

The Trump Team Has Reportedly Been Drafting Something Called The ‘FART Act

ICC responds to draft USA tariff act

Now, one would think that Trump's many aides and advisors would caution him before he released a huge FART, but alas, the FART has been made, and we all have to deal with the consequences. Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short earlier this year said that the bill was "dead on arrival" and would not receive support from Capitol Hill.

Read Axios' story for more details about the bill. "American consumers pay for tariffs", Scaramucci said.

Those principles include the prohibition of nations setting different tariff rates for countries outside of free trade agreements and the established tariff ceilings that WTO countries have agreed to.

Donald Trump has been ridiculed over the naming of a leaked draft bill outlining how the U.S. would abandon key World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules. The bill explicitly calls for the President of the United States to "have a wide array of tools to open the markets of US trading partners and encourage participation in negotiations to liberalize trade...and adjust tariff rates".

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Notably, the official was displeased with the leak of the bill's text, suggesting it was put out to pressure key figures within the administration who have opposed Trump's hardline instincts on tariffs.

It's the acronym for the Act that's caught the attention of Twitter though.

But the European Union has warned the United States that imposing import tariffs on cars and auto parts would harm its own automotive industry and likely lead to counter-measures by its trading partners on $294 billion (£223 billion) of USA exports.

The same source added that for now Trump's aides have managed to "push back" against the idea of the U.S. leaving the WTO by ensuring that the country actually "does well" in the organization.

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Although the bill would allow Trump to negotiate individually with foreign powers, a source familiar with the White House initiative called the legislation "insane" and "not implementable at the border".

But many diplomats say quitting the WTO would not be in the USA interest, and the WTO has said it has never had any indication of Mr Trump intending to leave.

A trade official says Moscow has initiated a dispute complaint against the USA over the 25 per cent tariffs on steel and 10 per cent tariffs on aluminum, by circulating the request Monday among WTO members in Geneva.

The president said a national security study for the new tariffs are set to be completed in three-to-four weeks.

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