Hot tips to be water wise in the heatwave

A woman out for a morning jog yesterday along the river Itchen near Winchester Hampshire as the summer heat wave continues to bring sunshine and high temperatures to much of the UK and utility companies warn of potential water shortages

Heatwave prompts hose ban in N.Ireland

You can still use a watering can to water plants.

Demand for water has increased by up to 20% in some areas of the country. By following the simple guidelines, this will negate the need to prolong the hosepipe ban with associated penalties. However, saying that, if any business can conserve water then please do so, every drop counts!

So. don't use a hosepipe to avoid having a hosepipe I missing something here??

While the region's reservoir levels are healthy, Southern Water is asking customers to reduce the amount of water wasted to ensure there is plenty for everyone.

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The first summer hosepipe ban to be ordered in Northern Ireland in 23 years remains in place.

The company has said that businesses are exempted from the hosepipe ban "as it is recognised they rely on water use for their livelihood".

"As well as reducing consumption, we are appealing to the public to report leaks on the public water network to 1850 278 278 and to fix private side leaks in both homes and in businesses", said an Irish Water spokesperson.

However, Met Eireann stressed that Ireland will not see a return to last week's near-record temperatures when parts of the country sweltered in 32C heat.

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"Imposing a Water Conservation Order is a measure that Irish Water now consider appropriate".

Irish Water are calling on the public to continue to take sustained action to conserve water as weather conditions remain warm and the drought is increasingly reducing capacity in rivers and boreholes, while our production plants struggle to meet increasing demand. Customers are using the water faster than we can treat it and get it into supply, please only use what you need to!

According to the Water and Sewerage Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006, any person found to be ignoring a drought restriction is guilty of an offence, and will be liable to pay a fine.

The nationwide ban will come into effect from 8.00am on Friday, July 6th and it will last until midnight on Tuesday July 31st.

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