Former Bill Clinton Lawyer Lanny Davis Hired by Michael Cohen

A screenshot of Michael Cohens Twitter page on July 5

Sacha Baron Cohen is coming for Donald Trump and we can't wait

"Nobody knows how to cause a stir like Sacha Baron Cohen, and it's going to be fascinating to watch what happens when WHO IS AMERICA? is released on the world".

Sacha Baron Cohen and President Trump.

Lanny Davis confirmed his hiring Thursday, saying in a statement that he and Cohen had talked "many times in the last two weeks" and that the former Trump confidant "deserves to tell his side of the story".

Cohen initially said he would stick by Trump but has since hinted at a willingness to cooperate with prosecutors in the Southern District of NY and with special counsel Robert Mueller - whether it lands his ex-boss in hot water or not. The FBI raided Cohen's home, office and hotel room in April, and investigators are reportedly eyeing him for campaign finance violations, bank fraud, and illegal lobbying. The public remarks also raised questions about whether Cohen was trying to signal that he would be willing to turn his back on Trump and cooperate with authorities. Trump quickly realized he was being taken for a ride and ended the interview after just a short time. Petrillo, a partner at Petrillo Klein & Boxer, has extensive experience in the Southern District of NY, which is something Cohen reportedly sought.

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Sacha Baron Cohen marked Independence Day with a teaser trailer on Twitter.

The presidential purge on Twitter, however, was not accompanied by a scrub of his LinkedIn page, which still has the Trump Organization listed as his current employer.

But Baron Cohen countered: "Actually he was there for about seven minutes" and added: 'I was the first person to realise he was a dick'.

The video contains previous comments made by the president in which he insulted Cohen and his comedic skills.

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Davis was referring to ABC's publication on Monday of an interview with Cohen in which he vowed to defend himself and protect his family and country first if Trump or the president's legal team tried to discredit him.

"Donald Trump was not involved in this movie, but... and does not have HIV/Aids".

He is now the focus of an investigation by federal officials in NY into whether he violated campaign finance laws, committed bank fraud, wire fraud, illegal lobbying, or other crimes.

In a March 2 Bloomberg Television interview, Davis criticized Trump's trade policy and his rapid changes in position on issues such as gun control and immigration.

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Cohen also refused to criticize the Mueller investigation.

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