Divers go in to save all remaining Thai boys trapped in cave

Divers rescue fifth boy from flooded Thailand cave

Ambulance Leaves Thai Cave on 2nd Day of Rescue Operation

"Twelve Wild Boars [team members] and their coach are out of the cave", the Thai Navy SEALs said on Facebook on Tuesday.

All 12 boys of a youth football team and their coach have been pulled from a flooded cave in Thailand, the country's Navy Seals said.

In a day of high drama, the remaining five boys emerged in groups as evening approached, guided out by global divers and the SEALs, who have played an integral role throughout an unprecedented rescue mission.

CNN was told the boys were exploring the caves on June 23 with their coach when they were trapped inside by heavy seasonal rains.

Celebrations will be tinged with sadness over the loss of a former Thai navy diver who died on Friday while on a re-supply mission inside the cave.

On Sunday morning, former Chiang Rai governor Narongsak Osotthanakorn said a team of 13 worldwide divers and five Thai navy Seal members went into the cave to commence the mission. They had been trapped inside the Tham Luang cave for more than two weeks.

The first eight boys rescued from a Thai cave are in decent physical and mental health with some even asking for chocolate, but they remain in hospital and under psychological observation for any lasting damage from their underground ordeal.

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Two of the boys had suspected lung infections but the four boys from the first group rescued were all walking around in hospital.

The boys' malnutrition and exposure to unsanitary conditions inside the caves mean that they are at high risk of contracting cave sickness.

The football team had spent the past week building their strength and learning to dive after they were discovered inside the cave by British divers last Monday.

The boys and the coach were found more than a week after they became stuck on a small, muddy patch deep in the cave's network of chambers.

Chiang Rai Gov. Narongsak Osatanakorn says the rescue mission began at 10.08 a.m. and involves 19 divers.

"The kids are footballers, so they have high immune systems", Jedsada said. Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha was scheduled to make a second visit to the scene late on Monday and the president of soccer's governing body, FIFA, Gianni Infantino, today invited the boys to the World Cup final in Moscow on Sunday if they make it out of the cave in time.

Apart from the coach, the age ranges given by the doctor indicate that the youngest boy in the group - 11-year-old Chanin Wiboonrungrueng - is still in the cave.

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"The first day we spent 11 hours, yesterday we spent nine hours, we hope we can do it [today] quicker or at least as quick as yesterday".

The names of the rescued boys have not been released out of "respect for those families whose sons are still trapped inside", the mission chief said.

The remaining five members of the Thai soccer team will be rescued from the cave today, officials have confirmed.

But although the eight were rescued, there were concerns they may have contracted an illness while in the cave.

Narongsak Osottanakorn followed a similar protocol on day one and day two of the rescue, withholding confirmation until the mission for the day had ended.

'The equipment they brought to help us is not practical with our mission'.

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