Comcast down across the U.S. due to cut fiber cables

Comcast down across the U.S. due to cut fiber cables

Comcast down across the U.S. due to cut fiber cables

For those having problems with internet-dependent services, like PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, that problem likely stems from the Comcast outage as well.

The No. 1 cable provider is dealing with nationwide outages of its broadband, TV and voice services. Service in some sections of the country remained intact, but many large markets from coast to coast have been affected. The company has responded on social media that service will be restored.

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Many popular internet sites went down for awhile Friday when a fiber optic cable failed.

EPB spokesman John Pless says the level 3 outage is not impacting EPB's services.

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Comcast said the two network providers were CenturyLink Inc (CTL.N) and Zayo Group Holdings Inc (ZAYO.N).

A nationwide outage with Comcast impacted police phone lines in Petersburg on Friday. Customers in some areas such as Pittsburgh and Chicago are reporting that service has come back up. At the time, the company reported only Xfinity Voice subscribers were suffering from the outage. Approximately 2 million businesses also rely on Comcast for communication services.

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