Bolton: US Has Plan to Dismantle NK Nuclear Program in One Year

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Bolton: US Has Plan to Dismantle NK Nuclear Program in One Year

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has visited a cosmetics factory in the special economic zone of Sinuiju which lies opposite the Chinese port city of Dandong, reported North Korea's state media.

"I made a deal with him".

USA intelligence officials believe North Korea has been "deceiving" the US, saying the Hermit Kingdom was bolstering production for nuclear weapons at "multiple secret sites" in the past few months, a report stated.

On CBS's "Face the Nation", Bolton said North Korea's nuclear arsenal could be dismantled in a year if Pyongyang cooperates, adding that the program would require "full disclosure of all [of North Korea's] chemical and biological, nuclear programs, ballistic missile sites".

"There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea", Trump tweeted.

Trump and Kim signed an agreement in Singapore that said North Korea would abandon its nuclear program, but did not specify a timeline or method for doing so. Shortly after the June 12 meeting between Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump in Singapore, Chinese Foreign ministry said sanctions are "not the goal in themselves".

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Trump held a press conference to go over his historic meeting with Kim Jong Un today.

The officials insisted on anonymity to discuss sensitive assessments about a country that has always been one of the most hard targets for spy agencies to penetrate. Some aspects of the new intelligence were reported Friday by NBC News.

"I think they want to do it", he said in a prerecorded interview. "North Korea has great potential for the future!"

USA intelligence agencies have for at least a year believed that the number of warheads is about 65, as reported last year by The Washington Post. We've seen how the North Koreans have behaved before. That site is estimated to have produced fissile material for as many as a couple of dozen warheads.

Over the weekend NBC News first reported that Pyongyang has in fact recently been increasing fuel production for nuclear weapons at several hidden sites.

That site is believed by most officials to have twice the enrichment capacity of Yongbyon. The Defense Intelligence Agency is at the high end with an estimate of about 50, but all the agencies believe Pyongyang is concealing an unknown number, especially smaller tactical ones, in caves and other underground facilities around the country.

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Bolton on Sunday declined to comment on intelligence matters.

"We have developed a program", Bolton said, "...about really how to dismantle all of their WMD [weapons of mass destruction] and ballistic missile programmes in a year".

"I'm not prepared to talk about the details of the discussions that are taking place", he said in testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. "I think he's going to start now".

Asked about Trump's claim that the North Korea threat had been eliminated, Pompeo said Trump had meant to say only that the threat had been reduced.

"There is absolutely unequivocal evidence that they are trying to deceive the U.S". They also pointed out that North Korea has made similar agreements in the past, only to renege.

Bolton said the US has a program in the works that would allow for North Korea's nuclear program to be dismantled within a year.

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"There is no deadline for them to eliminate their illegal capabilities, or even freeze their continued production".

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