At U.S.-Russia talks, Trump slogan becomes 'Me First'

Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki

Paul Ryan: ‘No question’ Russians meddled in 2016 U.S. election

Standing next to Russian President Vladimir Putin at a summit in Helsinki, President Donald Trump skirted a question from a reporter about whether he would denounce Russian interference in the 2016 election by instead invoking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and attacking the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Trump made the statement at a joint news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump began the day blaming the US for the poor state of US-Russia relations, calling the federal investigation that recently indicted 12 Russian intelligence agents for efforts to interfere with the 2016 US presidential election a "witch hunt".

Every major US intelligence agency has concluded there was such interference by Russia during the election and the matter is the focus of a major federal investigation that has targeted not only Russians, but members of Trump's election campaign staff.

"When he had the opportunity to protect our intelligence service, who work for him, I was very disappointed and upset IFF he allowed the fact that Putin said", tell Bob Corker regarding the allegations of Russian meddling in American elections.

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After the press conference, President Trump told CBS News that he basically believed what he said, that he doesn't think that Russian Federation meddled in our elections. "It was great today, but I think it was really bad five hours ago", Trump said.

Trump noted during the press conference that Putin maintained his stance that Russian Federation did not meddle in the USA elections.

Wallace read Putin a portion of the indictment handed down by a federal grand jury last week in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation that accused 12 Russian intelligence officers of breaking into Democratic computer systems and stealing emails and documents.

"Patriots need to stand up and reject the behavior of this president".

Asked if he personally favored Trump in the race, Putin responded: "Yes, I wanted him to win because he spoke of normalization of Russian-U.S. ties".

Putin summit kicks off in Helsinki
They may underline the importance of continuing the discussions, setting the stage for discussions on expert level. Ahead of the summit, Russian media did have rather modest expectations of how much Putin could concretely achieve.

CNN is reporting that that statement wasn't cleared by the White House. "He was a rich person, but, well, there's plenty of rich persons in the United States".

Trump's decision to side with Putin left a wake of confusion and outrage in the US.

"By the way, Melanie, catch it", said trump, giving her the ball. She is among the most Trump-friendly Democrats in the Senate, but also rejected the president's performance and acknowledged Russian interference in the election. John McCain, who charged that "no prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant". "It makes us less safe", Biden said of Trump's remarks.

Putin pointed to a 1999 treaty reached by Russia's then-President Boris Yeltsin and the Clinton administration, which provides for each nation's assistance in criminal cases.

The Presidential Palace, where the negotiations Putin arrived first, he was welcomed by the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö.

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But Donald Trump again gave Vladimir Putin a pass Monday for what amounts to an act of war.

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