Why flight attendants are at high risk of cancer?

Female flight Attendants used to illustrate the story

Female flight Attendants used to illustrate the story

But now, a new investigation by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health appears to quash past uncertainty after finding that a sizable group of airline crew members had higher-than-normal rates of many cancer types. Melanoma rates were just over 200% higher and non-melanoma skin cancer rates were about 300% higher.Male flight attendants, meanwhile, were about 50% more likely to suffer from melanoma and 10% more likely to have non-melanoma skin cancer.

Some 3.4% of the women who flew for a living had breast cancer, compared with 2.3% in the general population.

Other studies have linked shift work and disrupted circadian clocks to higher risk of breast and prostate cancers, possibly due to a reduced ability of DNA to fix itself and the way circadian rhythm processes may be connected to immune function.

Each five-year increase spent working as a flight attendant increased risk of non-melanoma skin cancer among women and higher risk of breast cancer in women who had never had children or those who had had three or more. Then there are the flight attendants who've been in the business for several decades, and worked aboard planes before 1988, when smoking during flights was banned. Cancers of the skin, uterus, cervix, the digestive tract and thyroid gland were also all found to be more common in cabin crew. And reproductive factors like that are associated with the risk of breast cancer.

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Other studies have found higher rates of deaths from cancer among cabin crew and higher rates of specific diseases such as chronic bronchitis and cardiac disease in flight attendants than the general population. Eighty percent of the flight attendants in the study were women, as would be expected, the authors said, in a "feminized" occupation.

Which cancer risks are increased in flight attendants?

Length of service did not appear to be a factor with breast cancer, thyroid cancer or melanoma in all women.

Previous studies also recorded a higher cancer risk in cabin crew.

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"But we were surprised to replicate a recent finding that exposure to work as a flight attendant was related to breast cancer exclusively among women with three or more children", she said.

"This may due to combined sources of circadian rhythm disruption - that is sleep deprivation and irregular schedules - both at home and work".

The authors used self-reported data from 5,366 USA flight attendants and compared it with data from a matching group of 2,729 men and women with similar economic status who participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination survey collected during the same years. In Europe, flight attendants' exposure to cosmic ionizing radiation is monitored and limited more by law. The current study used information from the 2014 to 2015 survey and compared it to health outcomes from 2,729 control subjects who were matched for socioeconomic status. The study did not examine the health impact of frequent flying among airline passengers.

Researchers also couldn't say whether tumors developed before or after participants started working as flight attendants.

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