U.S. Space Force: President Trump Proposes 6th Military Branch

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China Mocks Trump’s ‘Space Force’ Proposal AFP FETHI BELAID 19 Jun 2018

The Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed concern about US plans to create a separate space force, saying that taking weapons into space could trigger a new arms race.

"We've taken note of the U.S. president's instruction given to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to pull the military space force out of the Air Force and to convert it into a separate branch", she said.

Turning to Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mr. Trump said "it is going to be something".

Trump envisioned a bright future for the US space program, pledging to revive the country's flagging efforts, return to the moon and eventually send a manned mission that would reach Mars. What the public needs is a free and open debate about the good of the nation and the world when it comes to the military and space.

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Details of what a new space force would look like and what it would do were not immediately clear.

Space look into is one of only a handful couple of zones where Russian Federation and the USA proceed with worldwide collaboration. "The essence of the American character is to explore new horizons and to tame new frontiers".

Decades ago, the military deemed space a critical war-fighting domain, creating the Colorado-based Air Force Space Command in 1982. Member states who have agreed to these terms may not establish military bases, test weapons in space or on any other celestial body, and are not permitted to use weapons of mass destruction in orbit, around the Earth, in outer space, or on any celestial body.

The process of creating a new branch of the military is no light undertaking, as it would require a multitude of complex changes that would need to be implemented.

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President Donald Trump is expected to sign the new space policy directive Monday, as the National Space Council convenes. The United States wants to send robotic explorers to the moon as soon as next year as a preparatory step towards sending astronauts back there for the first time since 1972, a NASA official said on Monday.

"The goal is sustainability", Bridenstine said.

"It essentially calls for building another orbital space station, a skill my colleagues and I have already demonstrated on the ISS", Virts said.

"It's probably time as a country that we start to talk about this", said Wilson. Unless these efforts are truly bipartisan, from the beginning, they will be doomed to eventual cancellation.

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